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Periods are normal but their annoying symptoms can be the sign of health problems, cure them all with 100% Ayurveda

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  • Care For

    Menstrual Cramps Cure PMS  Heavy Bleeding

  • Dosage

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Problems To Cure

Get into a habit of health cycles every month and prevent health problems

Vigyanveda Boost Digestion

Menstrual Cramps

It helps to stimulate the uterine function and reduces the contraction to treat menstrual cramps.

Vigyanveda Reduce Flatulence

Cure PMS

It helps to manage serotonin activity to regulate mood and calms uterus muscles to cure PMS.

Vigyanveda Relieve Discomfort

Heavy Bleeding

It helps to balance an aggravated Pitta Dosha with its cold properties to treat heavy menstrual bleeding.

Key Ingredients

The combination of unique ingredients for your complete health

Vigyanveda Consultation

Expert Consultation for Menstrual Care

Get the best customised ayurvedic care for your menstrual problems on the Phone from our Experts at your comfort

Who Should Use This Product

If you can relate to the following conditions then you should use this product.

  • 01

    If you face any intolerable abdominal discomfort, pain or menstrual cramps everyday during your periods.

  • 02

    If you are facing serious PMS symptoms before your periods followed by irregular or painful periods every month.

  • 03

    If you are facing any gynaecological problems and want to treat them naturally with the help of Ayurveda.

  • 04

    If you have missed your periods, facing heavy bleeding, excessive white discharge or any other periods problem.

  • 05

    If you want to treat and reduce your pre-menopause symptoms like night sweats, irregular periods etc. effectively.

Vigyanveda Xor Digestive Who Should Use

Why Choose us?

Get healthcare solutions for period related problems

  • 01 Vigyanveda Follow Up Icon


    We provide free regular follow-ups after every phone consultation.

  • 02 Vigyanveda Consultation Icon

    Free Expert Phone

    We connect you to the best experts through free phone consultations.

  • 03 Vigyanveda Diet Plan Icon

    Diet Plan

    We provide customised diet plans according to your existing lifestyle.

  • 04 Vigyanveda Quality Icon


    We follow strict quality checks to retain quality for our products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your queries answered here

You can use this product regularly and during your periods as well. It is 100% Ayurvedic & safe for daily use.

Although you don’t need any prescription to buy this medicine, you can consult our ayurvedic expert to determine the correct way of using the product.

This Ayurvedic formulation is made with effective Ayurvedic ingredients that target the root cause of the irregularity of periods and cure them naturally.

Girls(who already had their periods) less than 15 years of age and lactating mothers should use this product under supervision or consult our expert before using the product.

With the regular consumption of this product for three months without a miss, you will start noticing a positive result in your period problems.

The Ayurvedic ingredients present in this unique formulation helps to balance doshas and relieve the contractions of the uterus to provide relief from pain during periods.

You can store this product at room temperature, away from direct heat and moisture.

We recommend consuming this product after consulting with a VigyanVeda expert to determine the exact dosage of the product for your customised needs.

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