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Treat your occasional digestive problems like gas, bloating, flatulence, acidity,mouth ulcer, skin cleaning, slow metabolism, heartburn, chest pain and constipation.

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    Digestive problems Skin Problems Mouth Ulcer

  • Dosage

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  • Dosage

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Problems To Cure

Occasional digestive concerns can lead to serious digestive issues, treat them naturally in time

Vigyanveda Regulate Bowels

Regulate Bowels

It helps to ease the movement of leftover food in the intestine that helps to regulate bowels and treat constipation.

Vigyanveda Relieve Gas

Relieve Gas

It helps to break down the food by regulating the functioning of digestive system to treat gas and its symptoms.

Vigyanveda Detox Naturally

Detox Naturally

It helps to eliminate harmful toxins from the body and detox naturally for a healthy glowing blemish free skin.

Key Ingredients

The combination of unique ingredients for your complete health.

Vigyanveda Digestive Consultation

Expert Consultation For Healthy Digestion

Get the best customised ayurvedic care for your occasional Digestive problems on the Phone from our Experts at your comfort

Who Should Use This Product

If you can relate to the following conditions then you should use this product.

  • 01

    If you are facing occasional digestive issues and want to restore your digestive health.

  • 02

    If you want to calm down your stomach heat that is causing the problem of mouth ulcers.

  • 03

    If you have skin problems like acne, pimples and you want to achieve a healthy glowing skin.

  • 04

    If you are looking for a natural detox that can help clean your body inside out for better health.

Vigyanveda Soulfly Who Should Use

Why Choose us?

Get complete healthcare solution for your digestive health, skin health and detox.

  • 01 Vigyanveda Followup Icon


    We provide free regular follow-ups after every phone consultation.

  • 02 Vigyanveda Consultation Icon

    Free Expert Phone

    We connect you to the best experts through free phone consultations.

  • 03 Vigyanveda Diet Plan Icon

    Diet Plan

    We provide customised diet plans according to your existing lifestyle.

  • 04 Vigyanveda Quality Icon


    We follow strict quality checks to retain quality for our products.

Customer Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your queries answered here

You can use this product on a regular basis but don’t exceed the intake more than the prescribed dosage by your physician.

Although you don’t need any prescription to buy this medicine, you can consult our ayurvedic expert if you have a medical history of chronic diseases.

You should eat a balanced diet with this product but avoid any type of unhealthy & processed food while consuming this product.

Yes, If you want to detox your body this product will flush out toxins or impurities from the body to benefit your body inside out.

Store this product away from direct heat or moisture to keep it fresh for longer.

It is advisable to consume this product as per the prescription on a regular basis for visible results in less time.

This product will help to improve digestion, regulate the secretion of acid, regulate bowel movement to improve the overall digestive health.

Detox is necessary to eliminate harmful toxins from the body which can prevent your organs from functioning properly, disturb the hormonal balance, eat up calcium from your bones, and may damage your DNA.

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