Immuno Shakti
Immuno Shakti
Immuno Shakti
Immuno Shakti
Immuno Shakti
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Immuno Shakti

If you are falling sick often and you want to strengthen your immune system against the factors affecting your health.

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  • Care For

    Weak Immunity Seasonal Infections Respiratory Illness

  • Dosage

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  • Dosage

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Beneficial For

Boost the capability of your body to fight and prevent illness for healthy living

Vigyanveda Boost Immunity

Boost Immunity

It helps to boost immunity and increase the ability of the body to fight against illness and prevent falling sick.

Vigyanveda Prevent Replication

Prevent replication

It helps to prevent the replication of disease-causing agents in the body and fight against them.

Vigyanveda Seasonal Infections

Seasonal Infections

It helps to provide strength to the immune system to adapt to seasonal changes and prevent seasonal infections.

Key Ingredients

The combination of unique ingredients for your complete health.

Vigyanveda Immunity Consultation

Expert Consultation For Immunity Care

Get the best customised care for Immunity problems on the Phone from our Experienced Experts at your comfort

Who Should Use This Product

If you can relate to the following conditions then you should use this product.

  • 01

    If you frequently catch cold, cough or fever without any specific known reason for falling sick.

  • 02

    If you have got a minor cut and it is taking more time to recover even after regular medications.

  • 03

    If you miss your work due to your frequent illness and you want to boost your immunity for better health.

  • 04

    If you have frequent digestive issues, which is one of the common reason behind a low immunity.

Vigyanveda Immuno Shakti Who Should Use

Why Choose Us

Get complete healthcare solution and boost your immunity naturally

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    We provide free regular follow-ups after every phone consultation.

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    Free Expert Phone

    We connect you to the best experts through free phone consultations.

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    Diet Plan

    We provide customised diet plans according to your existing lifestyle.

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    We follow strict quality checks to retain quality for our products.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get all your queries answered here

If your frequency of falling sick has increased suddenly and you often have a cold or cough then it is a sign that your immunity is low.

This product is prepared from 100% natural herbs that are rich in essential nutrients effective in boosting immunity.

Consume 1 or 2 capsules with or without warm water in the morning empty stomach or as directed by the physician.

You can store the product in a cool and dry place but away from direct heat or sunlight.

Yes. You can consume this product everyday. It is safe for daily use and you can use it as directed by our experts.

This product will nourish your body with immunity-boosting ingredients and improve the functioning of your immune system without any side-effects.

You will see visible results very soon if you consume this product timely as per the instructions.

People suffering from chronic diseases, children less than 15 years of age, pregnant and lactating mothers are prohibited to use this product.

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