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    Weight Loss Kit

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Who Should Consume Weight Loss Kit?

It is beneficial for

  • Manage Weight - If you want to manage your current weight without any special diet.
  • Burn Calories - If you want to burn more calories on a daily basis from the consumed food.
  • Lose Weight - If you want to shed those extra kgs that is a result of the collection of fat in the body.
  • Effective Exercise - If you want to gain more benefits from your existing weight-loss exercise routine.

Key Ingredients


It Helps to improve the metabolic rate by Eliminating toxins present in the body and promoting weight loss.


It is good for boosting metabolism by improving digestion and absorption of food. Helps in weight loss due to its less fat storage


It helps to kick start a healthy metabolism and remove toxins from the body to promote weight loss in a healthy way


It promotes digestive health and accelerates metabolism to burn more calories to aid weight loss


It helps in unwanted weight loss and maximises the rate at which fat burns


It helps you loose weight without losing nutrition also helps in weight management and promote calorie burn and weight loss

Flax seeds

It helps to Boost metabolism, make you feel full and leave you satisfied for longer

Vitamins & Minerals

It helps to provide a good supply of nutrition to try weight loss without any nutrition loss worries

Reasons To Choose

  • 01

  • Effective In Weight Loss

  • 02

  • Effective In Calorie Burn

  • 03

  • Effective In Detox

  • 04

  • Effective In Boosting Metabolism.

  • 05

  • Effective In Managing Cravings

  • 06

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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    This product provides essential elements to keep your daily nutrition balanced and rich in digestive health boosters to promote metabolism faster. A blend of daily nutrition and metabolism help you complete your weight loss faster and hassle-free.

    This product provides complete daily nutrition that helps you improve your heart health and convert food into energy fast. By providing a continuous supply of energy it helps to improve your performance during exercise.

    Exercise or any physical activity is necessary to speed up weight loss initiatives. This product helps to boost your metabolism and promotes effective calorie burn that can help you lose weight with some exercise to see visible results faster.

    An essential balance of nutrition is necessary to take advantage of any weight loss method, because they are responsible for everyday functioning of your body. This product will provide complete daily nutrition support with your everyday meal to complete the basic requirement of the body to initiate weight loss.

    This product is made up of 100% ayurvedic herbs. It is free from any harmful ingredients and safe for consumption.

    This product is 100% safe and prepared with ayurvedic herbs. This can be consumed in your daily routine to complete your daily nutrition while on your weight loss goals.

    Please read the instructions provided on the pack before consuming the product or consult our ayurvedic experts for a more customised solution.

    Customer Reviews

    Shresth Borah

    “Even after working out regularly i was not seeing any significant result. then my friend told me about this product. At first i was skeptic but my friend told me there are no side effects of trying this products. And once i started using this product after a month or so i started seeing results. ”

    Vishnu Kara

    “ I would recomment everyone whose trying to lose weight to try this product. there are no side effects and the benefits are many. ”

    Amar Kaur

    “ I used to run out of energy as soon as i start exercising. after using the weigh loss kit by vigyanveda i had an increased level of energy all day long. ”

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