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Weight Gain / Underweight

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Causes Of Weight Gain / Underweight

The possible reasons for being underweight can occur due to

  • VigyanVeda Weight Care Weight Gain Heredity
  • Heredity

    People with a family history of low BMI or lean body structure are often underweight but healthy.

  • VigyanVeda Weight Care Weight High Metabolism
  • High Metabolism

    Consuming low calories with a high metabolism will burn faster and won't let put on weight easily.

  • VigyanVeda Weight Care Weight Gain Health Issues
  • Health Issues

    Health problems like digestive issues, hyperthyroidism or diabetes can lead to being underweight.

  • VigyanVeda Weight Care Weight Gain Medications
  • Medications

    Some medications come with the warning to suppress appetite causing uninformed weight loss.

  • VigyanVeda Weight Care Weight Gain Mental illness
  • Mental illness

    Conditions like depression, anxiety, eating disorders can impact a person's body image and appetite.

  • VigyanVeda Weight Care Weight Gain Physical Activity
  • Physical Activity

    People who are engaged in high levels of physical activity like athletes may have low body weight.

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