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Clogging or blocking of the glands that produce mucus inside the anus can lead to an abscess due to infection. This abscess develops an external opening on the skin around the anus that remains painful until drained completely is called a fistula.

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Causes Of Fistula

The problem of Fistula occurs due to

  • VigyanVeda Fistula Infection
  • Infection

    An anal gland got infected and develops an abnormal connection to drain abscesses.

  • VigyanVeda Fistula Treatment
  • Treatment

    Patients being treated for cancer with radiation therapy can often develop fistula problems.

  • VigyanVeda Fistula Surgery
  • Surgery

    Intra-abdominal and anal surgeries can usually lead to the development of fistula infection.

  • VigyanVeda Fistula Trauma
  • Trauma

    Any Trauma that has badly affected the abdomen(like a bullet or knife) can cause fistula.

  • VigyanVeda Fistula Health Conditions
  • Health Conditions

    Inflammatory diseases and Tuberculosis can increase the risk of developing fistula.

  • VigyanVeda Fistula Diverticulitis
  • Diverticulitis

    Infection of small pouches present in the large intestine can trigger the development of fistula.

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