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Nutrition Deficiency

Lack of essential vitamins and minerals in the body can impact the healthy functioning of the body that results in symptoms like anemia, low immunity, weakness, fatigue, unhealthy skin, hair fall and brittle nails is called nutrition deficiency.

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Causes Of Nutrition Deficiency

The symptoms of nutrition deficiency can occur due to

  • VigyanVeda Nutrition Deficiency Imbalanced Diet
  • Imbalanced Diet

    Lack of a healthy balanced diet in routine can lead to deficiencies of one or more nutrients.

  • VigyanVeda Nutrition Deficiency Digestive Issues
  • Digestive Issues

    Poor digestive health may interfere with the absorption of essential nutrients from the food.

  • VigyanVeda Nutrition Deficiency Bad Habits
  • Bad Habits

    Bad habits like smoking, drinking and drugs can decrease nutrient absorption in the body.

  • VigyanVeda Nutrition Deficiency Restricted Diets
  • Restricted Diets

    Vegan or vegetarian diets are low in few nutrients that can increase the risk of deficiencies.

  • VigyanVeda Nutrition Deficiency Health Issues
  • Health Issues

    Medical issues like chronic diarrhea, malabsorption syndrome, crohn's disease causes deficiency.

  • VigyanVeda Nutrition Deficiency Water-Soluable Viamins
  • Water-Soluable Vitamins

    Inability to maintain a healthy balance of water-soluble vitamins regularly lead to deficiency.

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