VigyanVeda Introduces Customised Piles Care Kits To Treat Different Grades Of Piles

Have you ever experienced any discomfort while walking around or sitting on a chair for a long time? Do you often face constipation and your bowel movements are irregular? Did you notice any skin tags around your anus or blood in your stools? These all can be signs of piles (hemorrhoid). Talk to VigyanVeda Piles Care Expert to get your customised healthcare solution and improve your anal health naturally.

Piles is one of the most common lifestyle health problems that is affecting people with an unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. According to a survey, every year 10 million people in India suffer from piles, which is indeed a large number. This problem is growing very fast and the most important factors that are indicating this sudden inclination include stress, insomnia, constipation and poor eating habits.

VigyanVeda realised this problem and came up with Piles health care kits to address this problem. These healthcare kits are prepared with 100% natural ingredients and provide long-lasting health benefits with regular use. Whether you have been recently diagnosed with piles or you are suffering from a very old piles problem, healthcare kits is that they not only provide complete care but also protect you from other anal problems including fissure & fistula. The kits constitute the right combination of ancient old Ayurvedic herbs Mulethi, Bhibhitaki, Seena, Haritaki, Amla, Suran, Lajjalu and Isabgol to treat different grades of piles.

Let’s have a closer look at these piles care kits and their effectiveness on your problems.

Piles Care Trial Kit

If you have recently been diagnosed with the problem of piles(hemorrhoid), you can start with this trial kit. It will help ease your symptoms, relax your hemorrhoid veins and regulate your bowel movements naturally to fight the annoying symptoms of piles.

Piles Care Complete Kit

If you have been diagnosed with the problem three months ago and you have small skin tags that are growing in numbers day by day then you can try this ayurvedic treatment to cure your piles(hemorrhoid) completely. It will stop the growth of other tags, regulate bowel movements, dry up and shed off the existing piles.

Piles Care Supreme Kit

If you have been diagnosed with the problem 12 months ago. You are currently taking some prescribed modern medicines but your constipation problem still bothers you with other annoying symptoms then this kit can treat all your worries. It will help treat constipation which is the major cause of developing piles(hemorrhoid), it will treat the existing piles, their annoying symptoms and prevent the recurrence of the problem.

Piles Care Extreme Kit

If you have been facing the problem of piles/hemorrhoid(with single or multiple skin tags) for the past 2 years, your routine life has been highly impacted due to its painful symptoms and your doctor has advised you for surgery then this kit can save you from the scissors. It will cure old piles problems on its roots with its natural formulations, regulate bowel movements, diminish annoying symptoms and prevent them from coming back.

Piles Care Fast Action Kit

If you have been facing the problem of piles for more than 5 years or you have undergone major or minor surgeries to treat your recurrent problems but you haven’t got much relief from the treatment then you can use this kit. This kit targets very old piles problems and gives long-lasting effective relief from its annoying symptoms. It helps to regulate bowel movements to prevent constipation that further prevent irritation of the skin tag(s) and prevent the problem from coming back.

These kits are not just limited to the problem of piles(hemorrhoid) but they are equally effective in other anal problems that include fissure & fistula. If you have any anal problem then you can talk to VigyanVeda Piles Care Expert and get your customised health solution. Book your free consultation at to get customised health solutions, diet plans and more.


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