Treat Low Libido At Home With These Simple Tips

We often encounter a mismatch of taste, likings and nature between couples but a mismatch of sexual desire is something that many of us find a problem. It is not actually true and it is possible that your sexual desire may not match with your partner some time. But this can be a problem if it happens all the time.

Don’t worry, I will share an easy solution for the same. Before that, let’s have a quick overview of the problem of low libido. Libido is a synonym for sexual desire or sex drive. Although low libido is not a problem, it can severely affect the relationship and self-esteem of the person.

The most common factors that affect low libido. include anxiety, relationship conflicts, health problems, age, hormone levels, sleep patterns and sometimes your medications for any existing health condition.

It is common to observe low libido. with growing age but if you want to treat your low libido. issues, you can try these simple tips at home.

Libido Boosting Foods

The Figs, bananas, and avocados are aphrodisiac in nature. They are rich in essential vitamins and minerals that can help increase the blood flow to the genitals for healthy sex life.

Try Chocolates

Chocolates provide a jump to sexual life. Eating chocolate helps to promote the release of the chemicals phenethylamine and serotonin into the body that helps to improve mood and desire.

Manage Stress

No matter, how healthy you are a busy lifestyle and work can lead to stress. Stress in any way can affect your sex life by affecting the sexual functioning of the body and your libido. Manage stress by performing activities you enjoy and with your partner if possible.

Eat Right

Eating a good diet rich in vegetables, proteins can help prevent the health conditions that affect libido. Keeping your sugar intake low can also help improve your libido. Add apples, dates and almonds to your diet on a routine basis.

Eat Herbs & Spices

Taking a balanced diet in routine is necessary but adding herbs and spices like basil and garlic can be really helpful. The smell of basil helps to stimulate the senses and Garlic contains high levels of allicin, which helps to increase blood flow and improve erection and desire.

Sleep Better

We often underestimate the importance of good quality sleep due to our hectic lifestyle. Taking naps not only helps to boost your energy levels but also helps to improve your sex drive.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can have a negative impact on your heart health which is very important for healthy sexual functioning. Quit smoking to experience high energy levels and improved sex drive.

Get To Some Exercise

Doing regular exercise can benefit the body in many ways and your libido is one of them. Exercise helps to manage weight and improve your heart health for better sex life benefits like improved libido.

Strengthen Relationship

Relationship conflicts are one of the factors affecting libido, focusing on strengthening relationships can help increase sex drive. Spend more time with your partner, plan dates, communicate your needs clearly and enjoy engaging with each other outside the bedroom.

Believe In Yourself

In some cases, a poor self-image can prevent you from having and enjoying sex. Your own feelings about your body highly impact the way you feel while doing sex. Boost your self-esteem and shift your mind from your flaws so that you can better focus on sex.

I hope all of these simple tips will be helpful in boosting your libido and if not then you can consult a vigyanveda sexual care expert to get your customised healthcare solution.

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