Stomach Gas- Is It Normal Or A Problem?

What Is Stomach Gas?

Stomach gas describes the presence of air in the stomach. This gas is usually produced with swallowed air while eating or drinking and in the process of breaking down undigested food in the intestine.

This gas often releases with burps or passing gas. But if this gas is produced in excessive amounts then cause other problems like pain or discomfort then it is a matter to worry about.

What Is The Reason Behind Stomach Gas?

Stomach gas can be caused due to many reasons.

The air that enters through the mouth is called swallowed gas which is the result of drinking beverages, eating or drinking too quickly, chewing gum, smoking, sucking hard candies, stress and loose dentures that allow more gas to enter the body.

The gas produced in the intestine is a result of bacteria that are responsible for breaking down the undigested food. The bacteria present ferments the carbohydrates such as sugar, fiber and starches and produces a smelly gas.

Why Stomach Gas Is A Problem?

Gas is naturally produced and released. But if the gas is trapped in your stomach, it can cause problems like cramps, bloating, pain, uneasiness, sour burps, or an increase in the size of the abdomen.

Gas can impact the functioning of your daily life. Passing gas or talking about gas problems can be embarrassing for you. Passing gas 10-25 times in a day is normal but the feeling of producing Gas in public places can stress you. You can’t concentrate on anything if you are facing discomfort due to stomach gas.

Sometimes, excessive gas can be an early sign of other problems like bowel diseases, Gastroesophageal reflux disorder (GERD), constipation, food intolerance etc.

Our Lifestyle Is Responsible For The Gas Problem

The excessive gas problem has occurred due to our lifestyle habits that are often ignored.

  • The process of digestion starts from the mouth. We chew our food to reduce the effort of our digestive tract to break down the food we eat. That is usually ignored while eating fast.
  • To achieve fresh breath, the habit of chewing gum can wrongly signal the digestive system to release digestive enzymes for coming food which causes bloating.
  • Drinking water during meals can slow down the process of digestion. So it is advisable to drink water 30 minutes before or after the meal.
  • Missing meals on time and eating late at night can strain your digestive system which causes problems.
  • High salt intake can cause high water intake which causes swollen belly so it is advisable to limit the intake of salt in your diet.
  • Junk food has many ingredients which require a long time to digest and its unlimited consumption can cause gas problems.

How Ayurveda can help in gas?

Ayurveda has a variety of herbs in its treasure to treat gas problems naturally. The Ayurvedic herbs like isabgol, sonamukhi, mulethi, kanchanar and triphala (which is the combination of bhibhitaki, amlaki, haritaki) are excellent for gas problems.

Isabgol is packed with soluble and insoluble fibres that improve digestion and reduce gas. Sonamukhi is helpful to provide instant relief from indigestion and reduce the pain caused by gas. Mulethi is also beneficial in curing stomach discomforts like flatulence caused due to indigestion and gas. Kanchanar is effective in treating digestive issues. Triphala is known as a cleanser for the system. It reduces gas and improves Digestion.

With all these properties Ayurveda can help you cure your gas problems.

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