Planning to lose weight for the coming wedding season? Here is the solution

With increasing lifestyle changes, a majority of people at some point in their life either tries to or manage their . Most of them start diet plans, enrol in a weight loss program or try to lose weight at home.

But every effort for weight loss is often difficult to follow for many and they end up their weight loss journey with very little improvement.

If you are the one who is planning to lose weight or manage your existing weight then you have arrived at the right place. Keep reading to know more.

The Concept Of Calories In Calories Out

When it comes to weight, people give up their meals to lose weight faster but it doesn’t work like this. If you give up your food, you will start feeling low in energy and the excess calories in your body won’t burn themselves.

The concept of The calorie we burn gets converted into energy and is utilized to perform necessary functions inside the body or during other physical work. This energy consumption is dependent on factors like age, gender, muscle mass and weight.

Common Weight Loss Mistakes We All Do

Before we proceed ahead let’s discuss some weight loss mistakes that we all do during our weight loss journey. If we can prevent ourselves from doing the following mistakes, the weight loss journey will be more convenient and fruitful.

Cut down calories drastically

If you are trying to lose fat fast by cutting down your calories drastically, you will not lose the body fat but you will lose the muscles which will slow down your metabolism. So increasing your workout and decreasing your calorie intake slowly will lead to more positive results.

Be patient to enjoy the fruit

Losing weight is not as fast as ordering food online but you need to be patient for the food to be prepared and delivered to you. So, start slow and have the patience to hit your desired weight goals in a healthy way.

Excessive exercise

Have you ever heard of clapping with a single hand? Similarly, exercising is not sufficient enough to lose weight. It is important to maintain a healthy balanced diet that is low in calories along with exercise to see faster results.

Fat burning diets

Some miracle diets consisting of grapefruit, maple syrup, cabbage and apple cider vinegar are considered fat-burning remedies. But they are only effective for a short period of time with calorie restriction.

Same diet for all

Just like the same shoe size doesn’t fit all, following a diet that worked for someone else to lose weight will not necessarily fit into your weight loss needs. An effective diet plan for your weight loss depends on your age, gender, metabolism, activity level and health condition.

Vigyanveda Provides Weight Loss Solutions

Vigyanveda provides an easy weight loss solution to help you reach your weight goals faster. Vigyanveda Weight Loss Care Kits are rich in superfoods that are known for their numerous health benefits for the body.

If you want to lose weight hassle-free, you can include Vigyanveda weight loss care kits in your diet with some routine exercise and healthy diet options suggested by vigyanveda experts.

These weight loss care kits have active ingredients like Amla, Flax seeds, Giloy, Vitamins, Saunf, Cordyceps and Spirulina. These ingredients are beneficial in boosting metabolism, improving calorie burn, managing appetite and balancing daily nutrition. All of these qualities are necessary to achieve and maintain healthy body weight.

You can talk to our experts to get your customised solution for weight loss and exercise routine that can fit in your lifestyle hassle-free. Book your free online consultation today and get assisted by our finest experienced weight management experts.

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