Men’s Sexual Problems- You Are Not Alone

Men’s Sexual Problems

We man often ignore the importance of our sexual health. We try to avoid discussing our sexual health with our partner and sometimes with the general physician. The sexual health of a man is as much important as his general health. Just like our general health is important to perform our routine activities, our sexual health is important to build a healthy relationship with our partner which is good for our mental well being. There are many problems that affect our sexual health irrespective of our age and interfere with our love life. The most common problems are low libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other health conditions that interfere with satisfactory intercourse. The reason behind the problems may vary from person to person but it may indicate our health condition. Low libido can be the sign of diabetes, hormonal imbalance while the problem of ejaculation may develop due to a side effect of meditation, nerve damage or urinary conditions. Difficulty to achieve an erection can indicate cardiovascular health. It is not limited to physical conditions but psychological issues like depression and anxiety can also lead to sexual disorders. It is believed that addressing psychological issues can help improve sexual functionality. You may also observe changes in your sexual desire, performance and other sexual activities. Sexual performance is a combined effect of our cardiovascular, hormonal, neurological and psychological health which can be achieved with a perfect balance of all these conditions. Improving your diet, managing your weight, regular exercise can help you to promote your overall health which will impact your sexual health.

Causes Of The Problem

If you know you are having a problem with your sexual intercourse, there must be some issue with your brain or body. The reason behind sexual problems can be either physical, psychological or both. The physical reasons for the problem include

  • The lower level of the male hormone testosterone affects the body and mood.
  • Some prescribed medications for the problem of depression, high blood pressure etc can cause the problem.
  • Some of the problems that affect the blood flow like High blood pressure is also one of the reasons.
  • Nerve disorders or damage to nerves can affect ejaculation.
  • Heart conditions or vascular disease can impact sexual wellness.
  • Chronic health conditions, Restless Leg Syndrome, Hypoactive Sexual Disorder, Surgeries, Dementia, Diabetes, Back Injury and Hormonal imbalance can also impact your sexual health.
  • Some lifestyle habits like Smoking, Drug abuse, Drinking Alcohol, Overeating and lack of physical activities or exercise are also some of the reasons for sexual problems.

Some of the psychological reasons are also responsible to interrupt your love life like

  • The Anxiety about the performance during the intercourse.
  • You have a slimy mucus discharge from the anus.
  • Ongoing relationship issues with the partner.
  • History of depression or work-related stress.
  • Bad sexual experience in past.
  • You lack self-confidence.
  • Lack of communication, Boredom or Anger with your partner can deprive you of enjoying your time.

Correct It with Ayurveda

Ayurveda has immense power to cure illness, Ayurvedic herbs target the problems on their roots and prevent reoccurrence of the problem. It helps to achieve a healthy balance between the brain and the body that is necessary to have satisfying intercourse. Ayurvedic herbs help to boost your stamina, balance your hormones, and provide internal strength to perform sexual activities with more intense emotions and feelings. Vigyanveda’s Performance Booster has Ayurvedic herbs ashwagandha, kaunch beej, vidarikand, jaiphal, amla, gokhru, elaichi, shilajit, akalkara mool, safed musli, suvarna makshika bhasma, makardhwaj, abhrak bhasma, kesar, brahmi, flax seeds and jasada bhasma which are one of the powerful ingredients to boost sexual desire, achieve and maintain erection, delaying the ejaculation and targeting other sexual health concerns related to stress and other underlying causes of the problem.

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