Men Don't Talk About Their Sexual Anxiety. Does Size Really Matter?

We men are always concerned about our sexual health but the problem is, we don’t talk about it. We may over talk about our performance and sexual activities in front of our male friends but we face our reality alone. We do have questions regarding sexual health and problems related to it but who is available to answer these questions? Or whom should you talk about it? You will find your answers on the internet but can you bet on the authenticity of the solutions? We are not always comfortable opening up a conversation about our sexual health with our family members and feel shy to talk about it. Then our friends come to the picture, who are already impressed with our bold lie and who would like to spoil his image by telling the truth?

We should not forget that people still correlates sexual health to masculinity but the most common health problems for which some of us consult to a sexologist are low libido, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and fertility but one of the most rarely talked topic is the size of their reproductive organ that is penis. Yes, Men are concerned about their penis size and they believe that the penis size should be longer than their actual size. Although the reality is that, most of the female partners are satisfied with their partner’s penis size.

The most common reason that promoted this myth is the method of sex education, we don’t have any pre-defined method for sex education and usually, the sexual materials in the form of content or video streaming on the internet are considered as the most reliable methods. These materials often create an image of the perfect body and smooth sexual activity in the user’s mind, which is not true.

Here, I just want to clear that worrying about your size can impact your healthy sexual life. We all are humans, a beautiful and complex creation of God. We have different bodies, structures and complexes. The same things apply to our penis as well. As reported by some past studies, the size of the erected penis can vary on an average of 4-6 inches. But you should not forget that it is average size and not the actual value, it can fall below 4 inches or above 6 inches. But people always consider the average value as final that creates anxiety in men.

Due to all these factors and lack of knowledge, people often fall prey to fake products. These products can be in the form of oils, creams and tablets that claim to increase the size of the penis. But don’t fool yourself, there are hardly any chances to grow your penis after a certain age. The natural growth of the penis stops after puberty or in the 20s for many men. Why do men chase these products? The reasons are some popular myths like the penis size should be more and they won’t be able to satisfy their partners with their size but as I mentioned earlier, It is not true. This is all in your mind, not in reality.

Satisfaction is an emotion, you don’t have a scale to measure your emotion but your ability to satisfy your partner depends on your bond with your partner and your techniques to address her needs. Intercourse is not just a physical need, it is a psychological need as well. Sexual activities play a major role in overall health in both men and women. To enjoy the beautiful moments together leave anxieties about your body behind and accept each other the way you are.

And Don’t forget, size doesn’t matter. The only thing that should matter is you and your partner together.


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