Manage Weight To Manage Health With Vigyanveda

We often come across people talking about weight loss, appetite, calorie burn and metabolism. But do we actually understand the meaning of these terms? I think probably we may not worry about all these terms unless we are interested in weight loss or concerned about our constant weight gain. All of us see ourselves in different frames of assumptions about our looks, weight and height. But the reality is that our creator the God has made us beautiful inside out and none can judge us on the basis of numbers appearing on the weighing scale. But under the influence of many people, we start feeling bad about our weight and start a difficult diet or exercise to lose weight which leads to other health concerns. So keeping comments made by our neighbours, friends and relatives on our weight aside. Let’s together achieve good health with a healthy weight.

What Leads To Weight Gain?

Weight gain is directly proportional to the number of calories we intake and burn everyday. If we are consuming more calories than we burn everyday, it increases the chances of gaining weight due to the excess collection of calories in the body.

Our lifestyle habits like longer duration of sitting during working hours, watching TV while eating, snacking on unhealthy processed foods or sugary meals which are high in calories make it hard to burn excess calories present in the body that leads to weight gain.

During our busy schedules, we often skip breakfast that can slow down our metabolism. Lack of sufficient sleep increases the production of hormones cortisol and insulin that lead to putting on excess weight. Lack of routine exercises or yoga affects the calorie burn which leads to weight gain.

Some health problems like hypothyroidism, depression, mood disorders, diabetes can also lead to weight gain. If you are facing weight gain because of any health problem or meditation, talk to your doctor about your weight loss plans.

Weight Gain Leads To Health Problem

Excess weight not just affects how your body looks but it can also affect how your body works. If your body mass index(BMI) goes beyond 30, you are likely to have some health problems like

  • Heart Problems- Excess weight can lead to high blood pressure and cholesterol that can increase the risk of heart problems.
  • Diabetes- By reducing weight, having balanced diets and exercising well can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • Osteoarthritis- Extra weight can increase the stress on joints and affect cartilage(tissue in joints) that affects the knee, hip & back.
  • Sleep Apnea- Excess weight is associated with an abnormal breathing condition that causes heavy snoring during sleep that increases the risk of diabetes & heart disease.
  • Fatty Liver Disease- In this condition fat starts to build up in the liver. Fatty liver can lead to liver failure or damage.
  • Gallbladder Disease- Too much cholesterol in bile can increase the risk of gallbladder disease. Excess weight can increase the risk of the problem.
  • Kidney Disease- Diabetes, high blood pressure and excess weight can increase the risk of kidney diseases and affects its functioning faster.
  • Other problems associated with excess weight are gasping problems while taking up the stairs, inability to perform routine activities, feeling tired, lazy and so on.

    Vigyanveda Provides Solution For Weight Loss

    According to some people, weight loss is often performed by cutting down routine meals and performing high-intensity exercises that can affect health badly if performed without the right guidance. But Vigyanveda introduced a safe and effortless method to shed unwanted calories with Weight Loss Kit.

    Vigyanveda Weight loss Care Kit helps to shed those unwanted calories with the help of effective key ingredients like Cordyceps, Spirulina, Seena, Flax Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Carom Seeds, Amla, Vitamins & Minerals.

    Vigyanveda Weight Loss helps to

  • Boost Metabolism
  • Enhance Digestion
  • Promote Faster Calorie Burn
  • Manage Appetite
  • Increase Energy Output
  • Improve Stamina
  • Easy Detox
  • Increase Workout Efforts
  • Complete Daily Nutrition
  • Which are all necessary to promote weight loss efforts to experience visible results. This kit helps to complete the daily needs of nutrition for the body and keep your health balanced during the weight loss routine.

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