Low Libido Is Very Common In Men- Treat It Now To Spice Up Your Love Life

Men usually prefer to stay quiet when it comes to talking about sexual desire or libido. According to research, one out of three Indian men of age above 40 lack enough sex hormone testosterone that causes low libido. This can happen due to many other reasons that we will talk about later in this section. Let's talk about the meaning of low libido for men. Sexual desire can vary from time to time for both men and women. It is also possible that you may not desire to have sex when your partner is in a mood. This cannot be related to low libido but if you are feeling deprived of any sexual activity or having sex with your partner every other day, you may suspect the problem of low libido.

Any healthy man can face the problem of low libido at different stages of his life and relationship due to following reasons

  • If the testosterone levels fall below 300ng/dL then it is possible that the sexual desire may reduce.
  • Some medicines for blood pressure, heartburn, cancer and depression can also affect the libido of men.
  • Depression is one of the causes that can deprive your interest to enjoy sexual activity.
  • If you have a long-term illness like cancer, heart or kidney disease then your libido may suffer.
  • Sleeping is an important part of our daily routine, a major irregularity in sleeping patterns can impact your testosterone level that leading to low libido.
  • With increasing age, the inability to achieve erection, orgasm and ejaculating early may reduce the desire to have sex.
  • Performance anxiety and body shaming can also overpower the libido of men.
  • Some bad habits like the consumption of alcohol and drugs reduce sexual ability and hence kill your interest in sexual activities.

But it is not always necessary to take medication for the problem unless you can manage it with some lifestyle changes early like

  • You should communicate with your partner about your sexual fantasies and needs before you start for better satisfaction.
  • Don't jump straight to the penetration and try to provide enough time for foreplay because it helps to strengthen your bond and increase your intimacy.
  • Say a complete no to bad habits like smoking and drinking that not only affects your health but also impact your sexual health.
  • Try to have a good night sleep of at least 8 hours to keep your mood and energy levels high.
  • Involve in routine exercise, yoga or meditation with your partner to strengthen the bond in-between.
  • Try to enjoy activities together that will help you both fight anxiety and stress together..

In case you find it difficult to manage your libido on your own, you can consult a doctor anytime. If you feel shy to talk with a doctor initially, you may also try ayurvedic herbs to improve your libido. You can solve this problem naturally with the help of this ancient treasure of solutions. Low libido is not at all a fresh topic for Ayurveda and it is known to treat low libido since an unknown time. Vigyanveda has come up with the solution for low libido from this treasure of Ayurveda with Performance Booster. It has ashwagandha, Safed Musali, Keshar and Shilajit with its aphrodisiac property to enhance your sexual desire and improve your sexual life. Vigyanveda Performance Booster is also effective in other conditions like Erectile dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation and Nightfall. If you are facing any of the sexual problems in your life, you can avail the benefit of a free consultation with Vigyanveda Ayurvedic Experts on your phone as well.


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