Know The Health Benefits Of Tulsi In Indian Courtyard

Recently, I came across the plant of tulsi in my courtyard. After completing schooling, I went abroad to complete my further studies. I was more than 4 years away from my family, friends, city and my beautiful house. My courtyard was an open space, we used to study here during our childhood and it still looks the same. In Abroad, I was living in a compact apartment where it was harder to get sun even during day time. I often used to wake up sneezing in the morning and always grabs something unhealthy to eat with my friends. The county was cold compared to India due to which I used to get cough and cold sometimes. As there were no Ayurvedic medicines available in the foreign country, I used to take hot water steam as directed by my mother.

Whenever I used to talk to my mother, she used to say “come here soon. I will feed you with immunity-boosting healthy food”. Soon, I finished my studies and packed my stuff for homecoming. The happiness of going home from abroad is more special. So whatever first flight I got, I came back to my country. My mother was happy to see me back after 4 years. But I never thought this happiness would be served with “56 bhog”. This was just the beginning, the immunity-boosting kadha and amla murabba were already waiting in the queue for me.

While entering the house, I saw the tulsi plant in the courtyard of my house. The next morning when I woke up, My mother was worshipping the same tulsi plant as she used to do earlier. I was waiting for her to finish her worship because today I was going to get tea prepared by my mother after a long time. As soon as I sipped the tea prepared by her, my old memories were revoked. I found that the taste of the tea was quite different and refreshing. I didn’t get to try this homemade tea for the past four years. While I was abroad, machine-made teas used to be served and their taste used to be quite different from our Indian tea. I asked my mother, “what’s so special in this tea maa?”. She said this tea has the leaves of the same tulsi plant that I was worshipping in the morning and I am amazed to hear this.

My mother said, “Since you were not getting healthy food there, your immunity became weak. So, I just thought to include immunity-boosting food in your diet as long as you are here. When I asked her, why did she used tulsi? She stretched my ear. She said “Tulsi has immuno-modulatory properties. We not only worship tulsi but also use it in our food, because of its important role in improving health. But you scholars understand research statements only, so I want to tell you that tulsi is known for its immunomodulatory properties. The powerful compounds present in tulsi helps to increase the function of our immune system. It is rich in antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antioxidants properties that helps to provide a shield against disease-causing agents(pathogens). I am pretty sure, you must not be aware of its effectiveness in cold, cough, fever, seasonal flu and seasonal infections.

She continued further, my mother used to give me tulsi tea to cure a cold or cough in my childhood, We never used modern medicines ever. It is an effective respiratory cleanser. It also helps to reduce stress, purify the blood, improve heart health, and is effective in diabetes, kidney stones and arthritis. You can also use tulsi to improve your skin and hair health as well.

After hearing my mother, I was amazed to know the health benefits of tulsi. Living abroad kept me away from this valuable heritage of my country. After that I said to my mother, Ayurveda is indeed the best health promoter so I have decided that I am not going anywhere from here. You have to make tulsi tea every day and I will look out for my career here. My mother hugged me with teary eyes. Every mother thinks for the best for her child just like mother nature.

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