Is your constipation restricting your complete health? Know the solution here

Our morning routine begins with emptying our bowels. But for some, this morning routine can be highly uncomfortable and not regular, this is the condition of constipation which is a symptom of poor digestive health.

Yes, if you have constipation your digestive health is lacking somewhere. And in order to cure that constipation, we need to correct your digestive health. You might be wondering why I am so much concerned about complete digestive health if a laxative can help with constipation.

Yes, laxatives can help ease your bowel movements but do you really want to rely upon a laxative to attend your nature’s call. Obviously, you don’t need to. Nature has its own system that works in synchronization to manage everything on its own. So rather than targeting the external factor try to identify and eliminate the root cause of your problem.

Today we will be talking about the mechanism of digestion

Mechanism of digestion

The process of digestion begins as soon as we place the food in our mouth. This process is a constituent of six activities namely ingestion, propulsion, mechanical digestion, chemical digestion, absorption, and defecation.

During the mechanical process, the food is converted into small particles that help to increase the surface area and mobility. It is performed in the mouth where we chew our food which is later taken over by the stomach after swallowing the food particles that adds digestive juices to the coming food for creating chyme(an acidic “soup”). After that, it arrives in the small intestine where the back and forth movement of food facilitates absorption.

While during the chemical digestion, the digestive secretions in the mouth break down the complex food molecules that are absorbed by the body when the process is completed in the small intestine. The leftover particles reach the intestine and the latter is excreted as waste.

So now you have an idea about the process your food goes through before you have your morning routine. And you must be aware that if any of the steps during the process is compromised, it will affect your morning routine.

Now, let’s focus on the steps to ease your morning routine.

How to keep your bowel movements healthy

A busy routine lifestyle can affect the regularity of bowel movements. But keeping a few things in mind everyday can help your bowel movements naturally.
Tip 1- Move yourself. Yes, try to walk at least 30 minutes everyday. You can do this in the following ways

  • If you are travelling with your vehicle try to park it at the beginning of the parking so that you can walk towards your office.
  • Don’t move your chair to reach your colleagues for doubts, instead try walking to their seats.

Tip 2- Drink water. Drinking water not only hydrates your skin but also support your digestive health.

  • Start your day with a glass of water, it helps the saliva present in your mouth to reach your stomach which is good for digestion.
  • Drink water throughout the day or set an alarm for drinking water that will help you stay hydrated even when you are busy.

Tip 3- Eat fibre. Add a good amount of whole grains, green leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits to your diet to increase the intake of fibre.
Tip 4- Make a habit. Try to eat your meals nearly about the same time everyday and make a habit like that. Also, fix your morning timing to clear your bowels to create sync for your body.
Tip 5- Sleep right. Sleeping is the renovating system of the body, getting enough sleep helps to maintain the natural sync of the body which improves digestion and treat constipation.

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