Increase Your Appetite Naturally With Ayurveda

Let's Understand Appetite

Do you often have a craving for ice cream, eating something spicy like panipuri or feel it to satisfy your sweet tooth, when you aren't hungry? We all love to dig into our favourite food but do you know that it is all about our appetite? Don't complicate your appetite with hunger. Appetite is described as a person's desire to eat food while it is completely different from the word "hunger" and composes a part of hunger. Hunger is a natural reaction that occurs when our body signals our brain to feed it with the food when required. I hope you will not get confused with your appetite and hunger the next time.

Appetite Can Vary To Situations

Our appetite has a close relation to our lifestyle and its approach is different for a different lifestyle. To make it clear, I would like to highlight a few instances from our lifestyle that can affect our appetite.

  • You are concerned about your weight and planning to start a diet- You will see a boost in your appetite at the beginning to try something new, that will be reduced later because of the restrictions in your diet.
  • You are dealing with stress, anxiety or depression- When you are psychologically not feeling well, then you might eat more or less and your appetite is compromised because your mind is not thinking about food.
  • You are taking some meditations on a daily basis- Some of the meditation to treat problems like blood pressure, diabetes, and depression can impact your appetite on a regular intake.
  • You are getting older- You might have noticed a change in your appetite since your childhood. What you liked earlier will not present in your food list now. Increasing age impacts the appetite.

Apart from that pregnancy and some health conditions like cancer, kidney or heart disease, prolonged sickness impacts the desire to eat because we are restricted to our diet and few things are eliminated from our diet that reduces the appetite. Just like we find it difficult eating the same food every day when we are sick and our appetite is reduced.

Pilocool- A natural Appetite Booster

VigyanVeda understands the need for a better appetite for healthy living, so introduced an Ayurvedic formulation Vigyanveda Pilocool with the herbs Bhibhitaki, Amlaki, Haritaki, and Kanchanar. Bhibhataki is known for its rochana property that improves appetite. It also helps in digestive health with its deepana and pachana property. It helps ensure that the person eats well when he is concerned about weight gain. Amla in it works well for the gastrointestinal system and helps to improve appetite for those who don’t feel hungry. Haritaki helps to manage unhealthy food cravings and its rochana property helps to boost appetite.

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