How to increase the breast size naturally?

Every woman wants her body to be perfect. But body size depends on genetics, diet and taking care of your body. And also, beautiful breast shape can give you a perfect looking body. Breast size is also affected by various factors such as:

  • genetics
  • Foods
  • body fat percentage
  • before and after period
  • Feeding The Beast
  • pregnancy
  • physical fitness etc.

Facts about breasts.

  • Generally, the size of the left breast is larger than that of the right breast. Both breasts cannot be the same size
  • changing in Bra type will result in changing breast size 6 times in a woman's entire life.
  • Breast of women will mature after childbirth due to breastfeeding
  • Breast size can be changed after the first period.

Estrogen hormone for breast size.

Yes, it is scientifically proven that the more estrogen hormone your body produces, the greater the breast size. Estrogen hormone makes women's body more beautiful and naturally round with bigger and attractive breast size. The main role of estrogen hormone is to make the female youth body into an adult body in which a lot of physiological changes take place with age. But after puberty, this hormone may decrease, after which the breast size does not increase in the body of women. If you want to increase estrogen hormone naturally, then you should eat food which naturally increases estrogen level

Let us look at some of the best foods to increase estrogen levels naturally

Best diet to increase the breast size.

1. Soy based food.

If a woman wants to increase the estrogen hormone then she can eat a soy based diet, as this food can increase more estrogen hormone. And a soy based diet will reduce the level of testosterone, which is known as the male hormone.

2. Fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds are very beneficial for health. It is also great for increasing breast size as fennel seeds are rich in very effective phytoestrogens. It can help to maintain the estrogen hormone naturally.

3. Milk based foods.

You can include milk based food in your daily diet. Because milk will be very effective to produce estrogen hormone. Cow's milk should be more beneficial for the female body. Drink at least 1 glass of milk daily for better results.

4. Fenugreek seeds.

    It is best for weight loss and hair maintenance. Women can include this herb in their daily diet and can also massage it with fenugreek seeds.

    5. Other seeds.

      • Flaxseeds
      • sesame seeds
      • sunflower seeds
      • pumpkin seed ETC. 

      6. Fruit

        You can also include fruits like fruits in your daily diet.


        • Apple
        • banana
        • watermelon
        • Pomegranate
        • Jamun
        • Cheri etc.

        7. Vegetables.

          All types of pf vegetables are good for health related problems. The following list will help in increasing breast size.

          • Any green vegetables
          • Beetroot
          • Carrot
          • cabbage
          • Broccoli etc.

          8. Seafoods.

          Seafood should be eaten to increase the breast size of women. All types of seafood can be useful for health and also increase breast size naturally. You can add such seafood.

          • Prawns
          • Oysters
          • Shellfish ETC. 

          9. Chicken.

            You can include chicken in your diet as chicken has more benefits to improve breast tissue. Should be taken 2 or 3 times a week for better benefits.

            10. Other health foods for breast size.

              • Nuts
              • red clover
              • Masur lentils
              • Pueraria Mirifica
              • And many such foods that contain a good protein, carbs and other balanced diet.

              How to increase breast size naturally with different techniques?

              1. Best yoga poses for breast shape.

                Here you will see the best yoga poses for developing breast size naturally. Yoga will also help to increase breast size naturally

                • Cobra pose

                • Ustrasana.


                2. Best exercises for breast size.

                  If you want to develop breast size then try chest development exercise. Best Chest Development exercises such as.

                  • push-ups
                  • gym chest workout
                  • Planck etc.

                  3. Improve your posture.

                    Yes, a good body posture will help you see your breasts. There are many ways to improve body posture viz.

                    • Regular body stretching
                    • gym or home workout
                    • Yoga
                    • Proper setting and standing position
                    • running or waking up regularly

                    4. Massage for breast size growth.

                      Yes massage can be beneficial for the development of breast size. You can try massaging regularly for better results. May be helpful for a message like the following oil message.

                      • Olive Oil
                      • lavender oil
                      • Linseed oil
                      • You can also try breast growth creams from the market.

                      5. Know your bra size.

                        A smaller size bra can flatten the shape of the breast and make it look like a smaller breast size. About 70% of women wear a small bra, on the other hand, 10% of women wear a large bra. Some women don't change their bra size, they are the same bra size on a regular basis. It may not be able to increase the size of the breast. So wear a Professional  fitted bra.

                        6. Weight gain.

                          Yes, more percent of the fat you have, this will increase the breast size, but remember, there are two-way to increase the weight. First is eat what ever you like, such as pizza, barger, unhealthy fats and oil, on the other hand, you can try a balanced diet for the better health such as health carbs, protein, healthy fats and vitamins. This may increase the breast size with proper body shape.

                          7. Supplements.

                            Supplements can also be helpful in increasing breast size. There are many Supplements available in the market, some of which are natural and some are natural. You should consult a doctor before buying such supplements. Focus only on natural supplements, as chemical based products can worsen the health of the body. Use herbs and natural capsules for better healthy body.


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