How to get a strong jawline naturally?


Anyone with a chiseled jawline is said to be more confident, more impressive looking, more powerful looking, stronger looking, more attractive looking.

This refers to higher levels of energy, higher levels of the hormone testosterone. This feature provides value to you by anyone around you. A sharp jawline is a sign of a healthy lifestyle and fitness.

How to get a strong jawline?

Here you will find the best ways to strengthen the jawline. Some effective tips that can help you get a chiseled jawline.


Decrease Body fat percentage.

For a visible jawline to humans, 12 to 14% of body fat is required. If you're determined to improve your jawline, you'll need to reduce your body fat. Best exercise for fast fat loss like jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, cardio, weight lifting. If you are determined to get a jawline, hit the gym and workout with diet for quick results. Increase your protein or vitamin intake. Consume protein according to your body weight. For example, if your weight is  70, you must consume (0.8. 70 = 56) grams of protein per day.

Pro Tip: If you go to the gym try deadlifts and squats exercises or leg exercises often for a faster reduction in body percentage. Because squat or deadlift exercise affects your whole body. Do deadlift exercises at least every day, then you can add this exercise daily on any day you do exercises for different body types. Do deadlifts at the end of your workout every day to burn fat faster.

facial exercise after a workout.  

You can try facial exercises for more improvement. But according to the survey, if you have more than 16% fat in your body, then facial exercises will not work for you. If your fat is less than 16% then you can try. In some cases, it will help you reduce facial fat. Few of their evidence or research is available for facial exercises. Research can't tell 100% that it will work. But some successful results are also available.

Try These 3 Best, Proven and Effective Exercises That Will Actually Work.

  • Say I, O, U vowels.

Keep your neck posture as straight as possible. Then speak slowly. Continue speaking each vowel for 5 to 10 seconds. Do 5 to 7 sets daily for better improvement.

  • ceiling kiss.

This is a simple and very effective exercise for your cheekbones, double chin. Get up or sit then look at the ceiling and kiss the ceiling, try to pull your lips up as high as you can. And stay in this position for at least 10 seconds. Do it 12 to 15 times daily with 2 sets for best results.

  • Make a fish face.

 First of all, relax your face. Then pull your cheeks in, for the first time stay in this position for 5 to 12 seconds. Then gradually increase your time with this position. Try to do 5 to 7 sets twice a day.

Pro tip: If your body fat is less than 16% and you also go to the gym, then let me give you a proven tip that, after completing your workout day, immediately you should try doing facial exercises. Because after workout your body muscles get stronger and your fat gets loose so if you do face exercises after workout then you can see 100% improvement after a week or months.

Decrease sodium intake.

Actually, sodium does not affect body fat or facial fat. But too much sodium in your blood causes temporary swelling of the face. Sometimes even heavy doses of sodium can cause permanent bloating.

You must have noticed that during the day your face looks thinner, but at night your face looks big or puffy. The main reason is too much sodium in your diet. So reduce sodium intake.

Pro Tips: If you can't control sodium intake. This tip is definitely for you. You can reduce your sodium intake within a week. Get lots of sodium in your diet for the first 4 days. Then gradually reduce it for another 4 days. You will definitely notice a reduction in daily sodium intake. Try this tip.

Decrease sugar intake

Reducing sugar intake from the diet helps you consume fewer calories and may even aid in weight loss. Too much sugar increases belly fat and also increases the fat on your face.

Too much sugar destroys the collagen of the skin. Which makes the skin soft and glowing. And adding sugar also creates large open pores and starts producing more oil and your skin becomes oily.

Pro Tip: Try the same procedure as above.

Take more water intake.

Hydration is essential for your entire body. It also plays an important role in digestion, blood circulation, skin health or beauty and reducing body fat.

In general, men should drink about 16-17 cups (3-4 liters). Women should drink 11-12 cups (2-3 liters) per day.

Pro tip: If you want to meet your goal of drinking 3 or 4 liters. But you cannot consume it daily. That's why you should drink more and more water after waking up in the morning. Drink at least 500 to 700 ml in the morning after sleeping. If possible, drink lukewarm water daily. It can reduce your facial fat quickly.

Jaw exerciser

Jawzrsize product can be very useful for defining the jawline nowadays. If you do not want to do face exercises. Then these gadgets are definitely for you. It is very easy to use. Use it daily for 10 to 20 minutes with sets of 3 to 5 minutes.

Caution: Do not take it completely if you have TMJ (temporomandibular joint) problems or injury to the jaw joint. This will increase the pain in your jaw. And if you have pain after use, don't use it. This will result in a TMJ problem.

pro tip: Use Jawzrsize immediately after a workout. This gives you the double benefit of defining a strong or chiseled  jawline.


Mewing is a technique or proper difficult placement technique. This is an exercise in defining the jaw lines over time. It helps to correct your speech, ease headache pain, jaw pain and is beneficial for your entire face especially your entire jaw.

how to mew?

Relax your face first then relax your tongue. Maintain proper body posture. The tongue should be completely against the roof of your mouth, making sure the back of your tongue touches the roof of the month as well. Breathe through your nose not your mouth and close your lips slowly without pressure.

You need a lot of practice to do this. Do it for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day for better results. After practice, you will be able to do Mewing all the time. Just practice!


Pro tips: If you are not able to do Mewing during the day. Then, you can do this at night time as well. but how? Make sure you are sleeping on your back and that your pillow should be soft and comfortable with your straight body posture. Make sure your tongue should touch the roof of your mouth. Night Mawing Technique gives you more quick results.

Does chewing gum help the jawline?

Chewing gum helps define strong and chiseled jaw lines. But remember that you have to eat regularly for quick results. It will affect your neck and cheeks and research has also confirmed that it will relax your mind if you are using chewing gum regularly. Regular chewing gum really can help to get strong jaw lines.

Try and practice the above tricks for at least 3 to 4 months to get better results. Remember weight losing is the best way to get strong jaw lines. But we have to try to achieve results in natural ways.


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  • My body fat is at 23% and I have a very visible jawline. you can’t base the shape of the jaw on body fat. Much depends on your skull shape and your genes.

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