How can acidity be prevented?

What does acidity mean?

The gastric glands in our stomach produce acid to digest food that comes to our stomach. When these gastric glands produce more acid then there is a chance of acid flowing back to the food pipe which is called acid reflux. This causes pain around the lower chest area and is termed the condition of acidity.


what are the reasons for acidity?



If you are overweight or obese, the extra pressure on your stomach and abdomen can cause acid in your stomach to move up to your neck, causing acidity and heartburn.

2. Food intake.

If you are consuming spicy, fatty, fried, chocolate, carbohydrate-rich foods, tea, coffee, etc. daily, then definitely you will face the problem of acidity. Acid is formed from this type of food stomach and this in one case leads to acid reflux and heartburn.

3. Medication.

If you are taking the medicine daily and prefer aspirin and other types of medicine, then it can cause acidity problems. Certain antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can cause acidity problems during their specified course.


  • Belly pain.

Gas problems are a common cause of acidity. You will feel full in your stomach. Feel the cramps and you will pass gas again and again.

  • Vomiting.

In many cases, vomiting occurs due to acidity in patients. Hangovers, overeating, motion sickness, and pregnancy also cause vomiting. And vomiting directly leads to acidity.

  • Other symptoms.

The fullness of stomach during meals and even after meals, stomach enlarges Burning problem.

Difference Between Gas And Acidity.

People usually associate the problem of gas and acidity together. These two are different but can occur together which can cause more trouble for the person.

Acidity can make you feel a sharp pain in your mouth, and your chest while gas can cause pain in your stomach with trapped gas. Acidity occurs when excessive acid is released in the stomach whereas gas indigestion is the result of food and air swallowed while eating or drinking.

Consequences Of Acidity.

Acidity can impact your stomach to your mouth. The burning pain in your lower chest is often referred to as heartburn. This causes discomfort that can disturb your routine lifestyle.

When you have acidity, you avoid eating anything and stick to some remedies which may or may not be effective. The consumption of antacids can provide relief for the short term but it can occur again.

If you know that you can have acidity after consumption of a particular food product then you might avoid eating the product completely. You have to give up on your favorite food to prevent acidity. 

If you develop acidity at your workplace or in public places it can cause embarrassment to you. You are so restless that you can’t concentrate on your work at the office.

Ignoring acidity can lead to health problems like it can damage to the lining of the esophagus, GERD, ulcers, and cancer.

Home remedies for acidity:

  • Drink a cup of pineapple juice after each meal.
  • Avoid oily and chili-spiked foods, and eat as basic and spicy as possible.
  • Do not fall asleep right after a large meal. Eat roughly two hours before going to bed.
  • Make it a habit to go for a walk after each meal.
  • Avoid eating junk food at all costs. Limit your tea and coffee consumption. Other citrus fruits, except pomegranate and amla, should be avoided.
  • Practice yoga and pranayama techniques. Chewing fennel after a meal can help to reduce acidity.
  • Jaggery can be consumed after meals or at any time during the day. Jaggery aids digestion by making the digestive system more alkaline and lowering stomach acidity.

Acidity And Ayurveda.

Ayurvedic herbs like isabgol, mulethi and Triphala (a combination of bibhitaki, haritaki, and Amalaki) are blessed with the property of curing acidity.

Isabgol is beneficial in regulating the secretion of stomach acids, mulethi can relieve acidity problems, and Triphala is useful in reducing acidity.

Ayurveda can help cure acidity problems and reduce the frequency of acidity attacks.

Try Vigyanveda Digestive Care Kit for effective relief of Acidity problems.

Best yoga poses for acidity.



Step 1: Kneel just on the ground, with your legs stretched out in front of you and your soles facing the ceiling.
Step 2: Place both hands on your hips and breath while pushing your tailbone into your pubic bone.
Step 3: Twist your back into an eagle and balance yourself with your palms on your feet.
Step 4: Keep your arms straight and your neck relaxed. Hold this pose for 5-10 seconds while breathing in and out.


Step 1: Divide your legs. Allow your feet to drop open to either side by letting go of holding your legs straight.
Step 2: Keep your palms facing up and your arms at your sides. Simply unwind.
Step 3:Close your eyes with a deep breath, but remember to take a breath with your nose.
Step 4: And make yourself relax, try to not think about anything while doing this yoga.

What to do during acidity?

  • Drink more water.
  • High fiber foods should be taken more.
  • If you are eating something spicy, then eat it by adding curd or ghee
  • Should be eaten - Papaya, salad, gobi, khichdi of kodri, greens of suran, cucumber, spinach, carrot, beet, banana, safe, and buttermilk should be consumed daily.

What not to do during acidity?

  • Do not drink water for 45 minutes after having a meal.
  • One should not drink water while eating food.
  • Do not sit in one place for a long time. (Have to take a short break in between).
  • Reduce the consumption of smoking, alcohol, and gutka as much as possible.
  • Should not be eaten - Junk food outside, spicily fried, food made from maida, gram flour, etc. Do not consume idli, dosa and coffee, mango, gram dal, meat, meat, non-vegetarian, brinjal, or okra. Potato, Bajra Rotella. they wanted to.



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