Health Benefits Of Lemon You Should Definitely Know

Squeezing a piece of lemon on the tempting hot pav bhaji can droll water off your mouth. This tangy lemon can add flavour to your salad, baked dishes, marinades and many more. Summer has arrived, and now nothing can stop us from enjoying our favourite “nimbu shikanji”, lemonade, lemon soda and summer coolers made of lemon.

But do you know this tangy fruit has a powerful role to play in your overall health?

I am here to highlight the benefits of lemon that will transform your living if consumed on a daily basis. Let’s get to the point.

Immune Health

Vitamin C and other antioxidants in lemon help to build immunity against germs and viruses causing illness to boost immunity.

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Better Digestion

It helps to maintain the pH balance of the body and reduce the symptoms of indigestion, heartburn, burping and bloating.

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Cure Constipation

Soluble fibres present in lemons promote gut health and regulate natural bowel health to treat constipation.

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Reduce Acidity

The alkaline behaviour of lemon in our body helps to reduce acidity, pain and discomfort in the stomach.

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Natural Detox

It helps to remove toxins present in the GI tract and its antioxidants help to purify blood that provides natural detox for the body.

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Bad Breath

Lemon has potent antiseptic properties that kill bacteria in the mouth or stomach that causes bad breath and doesn’t go with brushing.

Heart Health

Lemons are loaded with vitamin C that manages cholesterol levels in the blood and reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Blood Pressure

Lemons are rich in potassium that helps to regulate blood pressure by regulating sodium levels in the blood

Kidney stone

The citric acid in lemons promotes urine volume and pH that interferes with the environment suitable for the formation of stones, thus prevent kidney stones.


Vitamin C present in lemon helps better absorption of iron from the food or supplement we eat and prevent iron deficiency.

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