Get Better Immunity for Healthy Living

Immunity Is Vital

We all are at high risk of infections and pathogens(disease-causing agents) present in our environment. These pathogens can find their way to enter our body through our nose or mouth. Our body has inbuilt phenomena called- immunity that protects us from foreign invasions that are harmful to our health. When a foreign particle enters our body, the immune system gets into action and fights against the disease by creating antibodies inside the body. These antibodies are then utilised by the immune system in case the same invasion happens to the body again. Immunity is a protective shield for our body and it protects us from falling sick and helps in faster recovery.

Unhealthy Living Impacting Immunity

We all are living a sedentary and inactive lifestyle that is responsible for weak immunity. 70% of our immunity depends upon our digestive health. If our digestive health gets compromised in that case our immunity is somewhere compromised and its ability to protect us is also reduced. The reason behind unhealthy digestion is our lifestyle where we eat in hurry and forget to chew our food to fine particles which increases the efforts of our stomach to digest the food due to which the food stays in our stomach for a long and it starts to create problems like gas, acidity and it is unable to deliver the essential nutrients throughout our body and our immunity cells to strengthen our immunity.


What If We Lose Immunity?

We feel protected and safe from viruses and infections due to our immunity, if our immunity gets compromised then harmful viruses and bacteria will attack our body and start to replicate inside to make us fall sick and in some cases, it will lead to life-threatening diseases. A sick and unproductive body will not function well, it will impact our daily work and routine which will highly disturb our mental health. So, we can say that our immunity plays a major role in our physical as well as mental wellbeing and it should not be compromised in any way to sustain a healthy and happy living.

Immuno Shakti For Better Immunity

Viruses and bacteria are growing every day and coming up with more strong approaches to make us fall sick. This has created a need and awareness to boost immunity. People are now more aware of strengthening their immunity and Vigyanveda has introduced an Ayurvedic solution to help mankind boost their immunity with their product Vigyanveda Immuno Shakti which is rich in immunity-boosting ingredients like giloy, haldi, nimbu, tulsi, dalchini, saunth and kali mirch which is safe to consume without any side effects. This product will not only help you boost your immunity but will also help you to tackle your respiratory issues and allergy problems.

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