Follow These Simple Tips To Stay Healthy And Protected During Winters

Winter is one of the beautiful seasons in our country. While on the mountains, winter often witnesses snowfall which is the main tourist attraction. But often winter comes with some difficulties like dry skin, cracking of hands, feet and other health problems including cold, cough, fever and more.

Today, I will be discussing some easy life hacks to tackle cold winters that will help you enjoy winters without any trouble.

Drink more water

Drinking water is important to stay hydrated and help your body perform its routine functions naturally. Also, staying hydrated helps to add moisture to your skin and improve its quality. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day at room temperature or lukewarm as you like.

Eat fruits & vegetables

Eating seasonal fruits & vegetables leads to a healthy body. There are a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables available during winter which are good for our health. Try to add fresh fruits and vegetables with whole grains to your diet and reduce the intake of unhealthy sugary or salty snacks.

Protect your skin

Dry air and bathing with hot water can remove the natural moisture of your skin. You can massage your body with mustard oil before going for a hot water bath. Immediately apply a good moisturiser post bath when your skin is still moist. But don’t forget to apply sunscreen on your skin, if you are stepping out because sun rays in winter can also harm your skin.

Get some sun

Getting sunlight is good for health and hot rays of the sun during winters seem soothing for all. But sunlight helps to provide a good amount of vitamin D. During winters we avoid stepping out which leads to a deficiency of vitamin D that impact our health badly. Get sunlight everyday for numerous health benefits.

Sleep right

We often feel lazy to step out of the blanket during winters but we should not forget that maintaining the right balance of sleeping patterns is necessary to stay healthy. Try to follow a healthy sleep cycle during winters for atleast 6-7 hours.

Pamper your feet

During winters, the skin of our feet gets dry and cracky which leads to pain and discomfort. Soak your feet in warm water with some rock salt before going to bed. Clean it with a dry cotton cloth, moisturize and put on cotton socks.

Dampen surroundings air

Air during winter lacks sufficient moisture and when you use a blower or room heater it makes it dry further. You can place a bowl of water in the room where you have turned on the room heater or blower to prevent the loss of moisture from the air.

Special care for these body parts

The body parts like the head, neck, ankle and wrist radiate heat easily and they have little body fat for insulation. So always cover these sensitive parts well with warm clothes like mufflers, gloves, caps, socks when going out in chilled winters.

Foods to keep you warm

During winters, it is necessary to stay warm inside to protect the body from the outside cold. To stay warm inside, you can consume some food items with hot potency like nuts, dry fruits, garlic, sesame and ginger that are easily available in our kitchen.

Layer it right

Putting on heavy woollens during winter is not only uncomfortable but also leads to skin rashes for some. To tackle this, you can layer comfortable body-hugging clothes that will not only protect you from the outside cold but also help in your blood circulation.

Have Immuno Boosters

Immunity is the need of every second and every day. Winter is the best time to get immune boosters in your diets that have hot potency because it helps to keep you safe from colds and infections. Also, some common health problems can be cured with homemade immunity kadhas in winter.

I hope these simple hacks will help you enjoy winter better. Seasonal changes are natural and due to these seasonal changes facing health problems is common but you can avoid these issues by taking precautions during the time.
Even when you follow these hacks, don’t compromise with your health and follow every precaution that keeps you healthy and safe.

Note- I don’t give any assurance that these tips to work but you can talk to vigyanveda expert if you need any lifestyle plan.

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