Fissure - A common but an unspoken problem

Let’s Understand Fissure

A small cut or tear develops in the lining of the anal canal which causes sharp pain and bleeding during bowel movements is called Fissure.

This problem heals itself within 4 to 6 weeks but if not cured after that then requires immediate medical attention.

The Causes Of Fissure

Fissure is a result of an injury or damage to the lining of the anal canal which usually occurs due to the following reasons

  • Straining during constipation can tear the lining of the anal canal.
  • Repeated instances of diarrhoea can cause injury.
  • Childbirth can also injure the anal canal.
  • Passing hard and large stools can strain the canal.
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases(IBD) can also lead to tearing.
  • Tight anal sphincter muscles can increase the risk of tearing in the anal canal.

Why Fissure Is Still Undiscussed

Fissure used to be common in children and pregnant women but now it can happen at any age to anyone. But problems with our bowel health are usually left undiscussed in our society.

Fissure is one of the most common problems that people usually ignore because they know it will heal itself in a few weeks. Even though it doesn’t heal itself they feel shy to discuss it. Talking about a cut that bothers their bowel movements is embarrassing for them.

Apart from that people feel shy to discuss their problem with the doctor, who can’t treat them without knowing their actual condition. Going to a doctor to discuss such problems again stops them and leaves their problem untreated. That can lead to other serious problems and discomfort.

Fissure Can Be Serious!

Fissure is not serious if it heals itself in 6 weeks but it can be a serious problem if the tear doesn’t heal itself for more than 8 weeks. The size of the tear may be small at the initial phase but may increase over time which makes it difficult to heal. Sometimes the broad tear needs a surgical procedure to treat the problem. Avoiding diagnostics of fissure may also leave any serious infections like cancer undetected.

Also, If you have experienced anal fissure once, then there is a possibility of occurrence of the problem again.

If you are in bad pain, burning or itching sensation that is long-lasting. Then, it is advisable to consult a doctor because it may lead to serious fissure problems if not diagnosed.

Ayurvedic Help For Fissure

Fissure should be treated at the initial stage to prevent any further complications that can lead to serious issues.

Ayurveda has remedial properties that can help to ease the symptoms of fissure and heal it. It also prevents the fissure from coming back.

The Ayurvedic herbs kanchanar, suran extract, guggul, lajjalu and triphala (a combination of bhibhitaki, amlaki, haritaki) are great healers for fissure.

Kanchanar is used in the treatment of chronic fissure and is effective in wound healing. Suran is helpful in the treatment of fissure and its fiber content gives relief from constipation which is a common condition usually observed with fissure. Guggul has been found highly effective in treating fissure. Lajjalu has essential components that are required for fissure management. While triphala is useful to treat large wounds and constipation.

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