Know Everything about joint pain, Arthritis, Arthralgia, & Muscle Pain.

What are joints in the body?

The role of the joints is to keep the bones connected. It helps in moving your body along with the bones. For an example

  • Shoulder,
  • Knees,
  • Elbow,
  • Fingers joints,
  • Hip joint 
  • Ankle joints and more.

And what's next for joint pain? when you have pain between joints of two bones then it is called joint pain. Injury and illness are the causes of joint pain. With increasing age, the problem of joint pain can also occur. If you do not pay attention to joint pain, then problems like arthritis and arthralgia can occur in the future. Joint pain is common for every age group.

What is Arthritis?

Joint pain problems are commonly known as Arthritis. The body joint pain and muscle pain occur due to multiple reasons then it is also called arthritis. 

Symptoms of arthritis:

  • Pain in joints.
  • Swelling, inflammation.
  • Muscles pains,
  • Redness,
  • Affect in the range of motion, etc.

Causes of arthritis:

  • Aging,
  • Injuries,
  • Genes or genetics,
  • Muscles weakness,
  • Pregnancy or post-pregnancy,
  • More pressure on the joint of the bone, or heavyweight. etc.

Types of arthritis:

1. Osteoarthritis.

    This is a very common type of problem. In this type, any joint affects the body. The joint that has more weight on it, there can be a pain in that joint like Knee, Feet Joints. In other words, if everyday work and activities affect the joint it is called osteoarthritis arthritis.

    2. Gout and calcium crystal diseases.

      Into a type of arthritis, you experience more pain and swelling in your joints. Generally, it affects Your toes. Many factors affect gout and calcium crystal disease such as being overweight, eating junk foods, alcohol, fever, etc causing pain in the joints, it is called gout crystal arthritis. 

      3. Rheumatoid arthritis.

        Rheumatoid arthritis is also known as an autoimmune condition. If you have joint pain and the immune system sends healthy tissue to defend your body or the bone joint. So sometimes it can be painful and causes pain and stiffness in the joint then it can be called rheumatoid arthritis.

        4. Spondyloarthritis.

          In this arthritis, the pain is mainly around the joint of the spines and small joint areas in the body. Back pain, heel pain, and painful swelling in the small joint area is known as spondyloarthritis

          5. Psoriatic arthritis.

            Psoriatic arthritis is not a more common problem than any other arthritis type, around 3 out 10 experience a psoriasis arthritis problem. If joint pain affects your skin then it should be psoriasis arthritis. In This type, you do not notice redness and flaky skin around the joint pain area. Generally, It affects your knees, joints of the toes, ankles, wrist of the joint, elbow, finger joints, etc.

            6. Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA)

              If someone experiences joint pain around their sixteenth birthday then it is known as Juvenile idiopathic arthritis. It is generally more common among girls in their teenage years. JIA is also known as an autoimmune condition. Patients experience pain in joints if the immune system sends a new healthy tissue to the bone of the body.

              What is arthralgia?

              There are not many differences between Arthritis and Arthralgia. In Arthritis you will experience pain and inflammation in the joint pain area. In arthralgia, you will notice a dull sharp, burning, or warm pain around the joint. Arthralgia is more severe than arthritis.

              Symptoms of arthralgia:

              • Redness and warmth pain.
              • You experience limited mobility of the joint and looking at the joints.
              • Weakness in the joints.
              • Soreness, inflammation.

              Causes of arthralgia:

              • Allergies of food, alcohol, and medication.
              • Bone cancer.
              • Dehydration of the body.
              • Diabetes.
              • Bacterial infection.
              • Pregnancy or after pregnancy.
              • Sexually transmitted 
              • Viruses like hives, and many others.
              • Insects bite, etc.

              Generally, arthralgia can be a more serious symptom of arthritis. You experience mild to severe joint pain problems in arthralgia.

              What is muscle pain?

              If you have muscle tissue in any area of your body, it will be called muscle pain. This is a very common problem with every age. Everyone experiences muscle pain in the body due to some common reasons. Muscle pain is common in joint pain.

              Causes of muscle pain:


              • If you are giving too much stress on your body, 
              • workout, exercise cause muscle pain,
              • injuries and accidents,
              • infection, like fever or flu,
              • medication.

              Symptoms of muscle pain:

              • Muscles ache,
              • Joint pain is also a symptom of muscle pain,
              • Cramps in the muscles etc.

              Home Remedies for joint pain and muscles pain:

              1. Soak the affected area in a tub of warm water with a few scoops of salt for 15 minutes three times a week.
              2. To get relief from pain, rub apple cider vinegar directly on the area of muscle or joint pain.
              3. Drinking ginger tea relieves joint and muscle pain.
              4. To relieve pain, apply warm compresses to sore muscles and joints.
              5. The cold compresses technique can be used to relieve joint swelling and muscle aches.
              6. Massage the affected area with one or two drops of peppermint essential oil in a teaspoon of coconut oil.
              7. Turmeric should be added to your diet, or turmeric milk should be consumed.
              8. Twice a day, apply a cold compress of olive oil to the painful area.
              9. Soak 2 tbsp fenugreek seeds overnight, then filter and drink the water.
              10. Take a 15-minute walk in the morning sun.

              Must eat Food:

              • Veggies and fruits: blueberries, blackberries, tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, raspberries, oranges, limes, grapefruits, Pineapple, Kiwi, Papaya, Olive Oil, Turmeric, and Green Tea, Broccoli, Capsicum, Cabbage, Onion, Ginger, Mushroom.
              • Non-Veg: Salmon Fish, chicken, and many more contain protein and carbs.

              Food to avoid:

              • Avoid Food: Sugar, Fried foods, Alcohol, Outside food, Soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi, Heavy food.


              Why VigyanVeda Sukoon oil is best for any joint or muscle pain

              The main thing in the sukoon oil is that it contains 100% natural ingredients and herbs that are highly effective for joint pain problems and other many types of body pain problems. First of all, Let's know the ingredients of sukoon oil in detail.

              1. Gandhapura Oil (Gaultheria fragrantissima) (Wintergreen Oil)

                This oil is made from the leaves of the Gaultheria plant, sometimes known as the wintergreen plant. Gandhapura oil contains myrcene, limonene, and delta-catenin, which are anti-inflammatory & anti-irritant. The oil of Gandhapura is used to treat bone and muscle pain.

                2. Devdaru Oil (Cedrus Deodara) 

                  Devdaru contains Vata (air) balancing properties and treats symptoms of osteoarthritis and joint pain and inflammation.

                  3. Peppermint oil (Mentha-piperita)

                    The effectiveness of peppermint comes from menthol, which includes at least 44 percent free menthol, which generates a hot or cold sensation that can temporarily prevent your ability to experience arthritis pain.

                    4. Nilgiri Oil (Eucalyptus Oil).

                      Anti-inflammatory effects are found in eucalyptus oil. As a result, persons with arthritis, back pain, sprains, muscle stiffness, persistent pain, fibrosis, and nerve discomfort can benefit from it.

                      5. Kapoor (Camphor officinarum).

                        Camphor is anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, and antipyretic. It helps to minimize swelling of body parts while also increasing blood circulation, which helps to relieve joint discomfort. The burning of the joints is relieved as a result of the coolness it provides. Camphor can also be used to relieve the condition of convulsions. As a result, ladies who are experiencing leg cramps and joint pain in the latter days of pregnancy can benefit from it.

                        6. Ajwain Phool (Trachyspermum ammi).

                          Carom seeds minimize arthritic inflammation and provide pain relief due to their anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, the antibacterial ingredient in ajwain improves arthritis symptoms and discomfort by diminishing the red-like coating that forms on the painful area as a result of inflammation.

                          7. Dalchini Oil (Cinnamomum zeylinecum).

                            Cinnamon's anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities help in the relief of arthritic pain. It also includes antimicrobial characteristics that aid in the reduction of inflammation in arthritis patients. 

                            Benefits of VigyanVeda Sukoon Oil.

                            • Sukoon oil not only helps in the problem of joint pain or muscle pain. We can also use this oil to strengthen bones, improve the flexibility of bones, etc.
                            • Because it is without any side effects. Any age group can use Sukoon oil. 
                            • If you have pain in your body or if you are also in fatigue, then this oil can be used.
                            • You can also use it if you have muscle pain or cramps.
                            • If a woman has joint pain during pregnancy or after pregnancy, she can get relief from this oil.
                            • Joint pain is common after growing age, applying it regularly can give us relief.
                            • If you are an athlete or you have body aches or joint pain, then this oil can be useful for you.

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