Don’t Hesitate And Talk If You Have Frequent Nightfall Problem

Are you familiar with the situation when you woke up early in the morning with wet clothes? Here, I am not talking about bed-wetting but I am talking about wet dreams or nightfall. Nightfall is one of the common sexual dysfunction in men after premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. But our conservative society believes that this can lead to sexual problems in men. Their perspective is to treat the problem without actually knowing the reason behind it. Today we will talk about the problem of nightfall in men in detail in this blog.

Nightfall Is Common Health Problem In Men

Do you know? approx. 13% of males experience their first ejaculation with nightfall. Nightfall is a condition, where a man ejaculates in his sleep and he is actually not aware of it. It often happens at late night or early morning which is quite common in sexually inactive men.

It is often termed as “wet dreams” or “nocturnal emissions”. It is common in youngsters but usually slows down with age or as soon as the man gets to sexual activities or marriage.

Our body keeps producing semen and old semen is replaced by new semen, the excess semen is taken off by the body in the form of nightfall. It is a common problem that occurs when men think about sexual activities or experience orgasm in their dreams. Excessive masturbation, hormone disturbances, thin viscosity of semen, sleeping with a full bladder can cause the discharge of semen.

Nightfall May Lead To Side-effects

Nightfall is natural and doesn’t have serious side effects but frequent nightfall can disturb your physical and psychological health. The problem of frequent nightfall often leads to dizziness, knee pain, stress, laziness and insomnia. It doesn’t lead to sexual incapability but the person may not desire to have sex because he is not feeling good from the inside. In some cases, semen is released through the urine which is termed ”dhat syndrome”.

If you are facing the problem of frequent nightfall with other symptoms like inflammation in the prostate gland, retrograde ejaculation( semen ejaculates in the bladder instead of coming out from the penis), feeling discomfort while urinating like irritation or foul smell, dhat syndrome and experiencing continuous pain in the private part, then seek immediate medical attention.

Factors That Causes Nightfall

According to some practitioners, nightfall occurs due to psychological problems but other reasons like inability to control emotions, stress, weak penile nerves and congested prostate gland can also lead to the problem.

While inactive sexual men can experience frequent nightfall because their body wants to eliminate excess semen to replace the old ones with new ones.

Some other factors that can lead to nightfall are following

  • Sexual dreams can lead to an erection that causes ejaculation during sleep.
  • Accidental rubbing against the bedding can lead to ejaculation during sleep.
  • An addiction or exposure to excessive porn material can lead to more frequent nightfall.
  • Some time excessive masturbation can lead to semen leakage that causes nightfall.
  • When a person achieves climax while dreaming during sleep, it leads to ejaculation.
  • Spinal cord, diabetes and brain tumour can cause nerve damage lead to ejaculation.
  • Inability to ejaculate during climax can release the stored semen with nightfall.
  • Excessive consumption of testosterone-based drugs leads to ejaculation in sleep.

Believe In Ayurveda To Treat Nightfall

Ayurveda is a known ancient medicinal system that is used to treat sexual problems in men and other health concerns. Ayurveda helps to target the root cause of the problem to treat the problem completely. The effective Ayurvedic herbs to treat nightfall in men are Safed Musali, Shilajit and Ashwagandha. Apart from these herbs, a balanced diet rich in plenty of zinc and Vitamin A is also necessary to address this problem.

Vigyanveda has introduced a combination of these powerful herbs, to address the problem of nightfall naturally with Performance Booster . This product effectively targets the main contributors of the problem and treats them on their roots instead of suppressing the symptoms for long-term benefits.

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