Digestive Health is the first step to your Overall Health

How Our Digestive System Works

The food we eat begins its journey from the mouth continuing through the GI(Gastrointestinal) tract and ending at the anus.

The Digestive process begins as soon as we place the food into our mouth. When the brain gets the signal for the coming food, the stomach gets to work. The food is chewed in the mouth to break down the large particles of food into smaller particles. As food reaches the GI tract, the digestive juices act on it to break down this coming food into smaller molecules.

The nutrients obtained from the food are then absorbed through the walls of the small intestine and delivered to the whole body through the bloodstream.

Your large intestine receives the waste produced through digestion and converts it to stool after absorbing the remaining water.

Why Digestive Health Important

We need food to live, but what if our digestive system stops processing the food we eat? Will this food help you live? Obviously not.

Digestion is important because whatever we eat or drink is processed in our digestive system to receive nutrients from the consumed food, for our body to work properly and stay healthy.

The digestive system is responsible to break down into small parts so that it is easy for your body to absorb it and use it to convert into energy, for growth, and for cell repair.

Blood is responsible to absorb nutrients from the food and carries it throughout the body to fulfil the requirements of the cells to carry out their functions effectively.

Soulfly Is A Natural Digestive Health Booster

Soulfly is rich in ingredients that are responsible to strengthen your digestive system and address different digestive issues like indigestion and constipation.

Soulfly has black salt which helps to regulate digestion and helps your body absorb the minerals from the digested food.

It has choti harad which helps to improve digestion and also increases the absorption of nutrients from the food. It also helps to manage constipation issues.

It has saunf which is known to ease digestive issues since ancient times and is a popular remedy from grandmother's kitchen.

Amla in Soulfly helps to strengthen the digestive system, supports better functioning of the liver and is a complete source of nutrition.

Mulethi is effective to provide relief in stomach problems like bloating, indigestion, acidity and constipation.

Nasotar is effective in digestion related problems like indigestion, constipation, enhanced appetite and promotes bowel movements.

Ajwain is effective to make your digestive system stronger and provides relief from abdominal discomfort. It regulates the secretion of gastric juices that improve digestion.

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