Cure Indigestion- Your Favourite Food Awaits!

The Term "Digestion"

We all have heard the word “Digestion” often from our mother and grandmother like “moong dal is easy to digest”, “add carom seeds and asafoetida to the food it helps in easy digestion” and so on.

But do we ever take it seriously in our lives?

Can we name any junk food that follows these simple principles of balance in the food?

Packed foods often have acidity regulators but do our body process them well for digestion?

How many of us grab an antacid for gas and acidity instead of our home remedies?

Have we ever thought about how our lifestyle is making the term digestion complicated?

Digestion is the most important part of our body that is the basis for our other organs to function well. The food we eat is broken down into smaller particles in our stomach from which essential nutrients are absorbed into our intestine to be distributed throughout the body which is vital for our survival.

How Does Indigestion Happen?

You might have experienced some discomfort at some point in your life after having your meals like stomach gas, acidity, heartburn, stomachache, bloating, heaviness, sour burps, farting and food particles in the stool. These are the indicators that the food you ate wasn't digested. This is the time to correct your lifestyle and eating habits.

The habits that cause indigestion includes eating in a hurry, overeating, eating in a stressful environment or at the work desk, excessive fast-food consumption, alcohol, smoking, stress, chronic disease, meditation and a weak digestive system that is a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Don't Let Indigestion Stop You From Eating Your Favourite Food

Just for a situation, imagine you had your favourite breakfast and your stomach feels like the food is still in your belly, you have got sour burps, pain and heaviness in your stomach that is indicating the problem of indigestion. Your favourite dishes are being prepared for lunch, you would pop up an antacid and your symptoms disappear. Now you feel like you can enjoy your lunch, but did you solve the problem? No, Popping a temporary relief suppressed your symptoms that will come back later after having your meals again. This is how you will deprive yourself of eating your favourite food. But you should not misunderstand your food, you need to focus on a healthy lifestyle to strengthen your digestive system. A stronger digestive system will help you enjoy your favourite food without any digestive worry.

On Track Your Indigestion With Healthy Lifestyle

We all love to have our favourite food without any full stops. So, why wouldn't we consider a simple lifestyle regime for stronger digestive health? We all are busy in our lives and we can go for this quick lifestyle makeover for stronger digestive health.

Step 1- Eat without any distraction in a relaxed environment.

Step 2- Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

Step 3- Chew your food to a fine paste and avoid eating fast.

Step 4- Avoid packed food and adopt healthy snacking.

Step 5- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables regularly.

Step 6- Maintain perfect balance with asafoetida, carom seeds etc in your food.

Step 7- Involve light exercise or walk in your routine.

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