Common Health Problems in Men and Their Solution

The Perspective of Men

We women can find our partners sometimes angry, stressed or may not be in mood every time we have the arousal. The reason is, they face a lot of pressure in their personal and professional life but don't express their emotions easily. They belong to a loving mother, who introduces them to life. They belong to a disciplined father who guides him to the right path in his life. They have naughty siblings, who fight them for the last piece of gulab jamun on the dinner table. They share a beautiful bond with everyone in the family but sometimes they are upset with the circumstances going on inside them. They are worried about their love life, performance and ability to satisfy their partners

Love Life is Complicated

Sexual problems can happen to any man at any age. And the most common ones are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, which is observed in one out of every 10 men. Sexual wellness is not only an important factor for us as a partner but it also determines the overall health of our men. Sexual activity is just not limited to the reproductive organs of men, but it is achieved with a perfect balance of the brain, body, hormones, nerves and muscles. With a perfect balance of all these organs, the presence of libido, the ability of erection and control over ejaculation does play their major roles for a pleasing sexual experience. The reason behind an unpleasant and unsatisfactory sexual encounter can be due to the following problems-

Low Libido- In this case, the interest and desire in sexual activities are reduced. The reason behind this can be a low level of testosterone, depression, smoking, alcohol or drugs.

Erectile Dysfunction- Here, achieving and maintaining a satisfactory erection is difficult. The reason behind this can be low testosterone levels, some meditations, stress, the anxiety of performance and some neurologic disorders.

Premature Ejaculation- In this case, early ejaculation of sperm happens before the expectation of the partner. The reason behind this can be neurological conditions, highly sensitive sexual organs, stress, low self-confidence, meditation or surgeries.

These are the most common sexual problems but Ayurveda has a solution to spark your love life again with your gentleman.

Overpower the situation with Ayurveda

Ayurveda is based on the principle to target the roots and provides effective solutions to address the sexual problems in men. Vigyanveda understands the significance of sexual health and introduced Ayurvedic care for sexual wellness through Vigyanveda Performance Booster . The Ayurvedic herbs to enhance sexual wellness are Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej, Vidarikand, Gokhru, Shilajit, Suvarna Makshika Bhasma, Abhrak Bhasma, Brahmi, Makardhwaj and Safed Musli. Vigyanveda Performance Booster is rich in all these herbs with other beneficial herbs like Amla, Jaiphal, Elachi, Keshar and many more. It helps to improve sexual desire with its aphrodisiac property, enhance stamina, improve libido, promote fertility, hormonal balance with better erection and delayed ejaculation benefits. This can be consumed to boost performance, endurance and treat general sexual weakness.

Although these sexual problems can also be prevented by starting a balanced diet, limiting the intake of alcohol or smoking, better communication with the partner and performing physical exercise everyday.

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