Command over Weak Digestion, Take charge over good health

What do we understand by weak digestion

The term weak digestion or poor digestion is linked to the abnormal functioning of our digestive system. The normal functioning of our digestive system is meant to break down the coming food into smaller particles which are further pushed to our intestines for absorption of essential nutrients before leaving the body. When our digestive system is unable to process the food we eat, it leads to problems like gas, acidity, heartburn, stomachache, bloating, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation. The undigested food leads to all these problems which impact our daily routine badly.

The factors responsible for weak digestion

Weak digestion doesn’t happen overnight, it is a result of too much straining of our digestive system due to our lifestyle habits. Let’s consider all the reasons one by one below

  • Balanced Diet- Most of us miss this important balance in our meals and crave foods containing high amounts of carbohydrates, sugar, processed meals and beverages
  • Chew properly- Most of us eat in a hurry and try to swallow our food early, which increases the efforts of our digestive system and leads to stomach problems
  • Physical Activities- We don’t pay attention to the importance of physical activities every day and prefer to sit or lie down after having our meals
  • Colourful fruits and vegetables- Adding colourful fruits and vegetables to your diet are often ignored by us which leads to constipation and other digestive issues
  • Proper Sleep- We sleep for our body to relax and repair on its own. Ignoring the significance of sleep leads to unhealthy snacking that leads to digestive issues
  • Adequate Water- Drinking water in the morning is beneficial but drinking adequate amounts of water throughout the day is essential for your digestive system to process
  • Timely Meals- Snacking at ill-timings is trending but disturbing your meal timings can disturb the functioning of your digestive system that leads to digestive issues.

Check if you have weak digestion

You can check your digestive health on your own by monitoring a few symptoms of yours. Check for the following symptoms to analyse your digestive health.

  • Do you often have gas, bloating and pain in your stomach?
  • Do you often have acidity and burning sensation in your chest?
  • Do you often experience constipation or an upset stomach?
  • Do you empty your bowels soon after having your meals?
  • Do you notice food particles in your stool?
  • Is your stomach intolerant to some of the food or beverages?
  • Do you feel the need to consume antacid after your meals?

If any of these symptoms are visible to you then you need to pay attention to your food habits and expert consultation is required to diagnose the problem accurately.

Switch to healthy belly for healthy Living with Ayurveda

It is necessary to improve our digestion to achieve healthy living because whatever we eat is processed in our body with the help of the digestive system for our other organs to function effectively. In short, our digestive health leads to our overall health. To promote healthy living, we should begin with healthy digestion.

A sedentary(inactive) lifestyle is leading to digestive issues that can’t be addressed by a temporary solution from modern medicine. Ayurveda has the immense power of nature that works on the root cause of the problem and treats digestive problems effectively to avoid recurrence.

Vigyanveda understands the potential of Ayurveda and common digestive problems that were disturbing the routines of many. So, They have introduced the blessing of nature in Vigyanveda Pilocool which is rich in Ayurvedic ingredients Isabgol, Sonamukhi, Mulethi and Bibhitaki together to cure the digestive issues like weak digestion, gas and acidity while strengthening the digestive system naturally.

Vigyanveda has also introduced the Vigyanveda Digestive Care Kit that is customised to treat all digestive worries in one place. It is a safe, natural and 100% Ayurvedic formulation of effective herbs from the treasure of Nature.

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