Being Lean Is Not Always Healthy, Check For The Risks Of Being Underweight

You might have met with people who are of the same age and height but their physical appearance differs. This can be due to the fact that people of the same age and height may have different body mass indexes (BMI).

You can calculate your BMI at home by dividing your body weight in kgs by the square of height in meters. If your BMI comes out below 18.5 then you are considered underweight and you need to find out alternatives to put on body weight. Because an overweight person is more likely to have health issues like a weak immune system, fragile bones and tiredness and more that we will cover later.

Risks Of Been Underweight

Just like being overweight is associated with health problems, being too light in weight can have several health issues:

Delayed Growth And Development

Our body needs plenty of nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Being underweight means that you are not getting enough calories and your development is restricted.

Fragile bones

According to a study being underweight increases women’s risk of osteoporosis. Also, deficiency of Vitamin D & calcium due to lack of nutrition leads to brittle and weak bones.

Weak Immune System

When you don’t get enough nutrients, it is difficult for the body to store energy which further makes it difficult for the body to fight against illness and recover from the sick.


People who are underweight likely to have low blood counts as they don’t have enough vitamins, iron, folate, and B12 which causes dizziness, fatigue, tiredness, headaches and anemia.

Fertility Issues

Women who are underweight may have irregular periods, lack of periods and infertility.

Skin & Hair Issues

The absence of enough nutrients in the body causes dry, thin skin, hair loss and health issues with teeth and gums.

Premature Births

The risk of premature births is higher in women who are underweight as they may have pre-term labor which means delivering a baby before a few weeks.

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