Ayurvedic Care for Piles- Say No to Operation

Piles or Hemorrhoids

The consistency of the stools differ occasionally for all of us. Sometimes, the stools are smooth and easy to pass or hard enough to be pushed out with the pressure. The occasional hardening of stool can be commonly observed due to a sedentary(inactive) lifestyle which leads to constipation in future.

The pressure or strain we induce to pass the stool creates pressure on the veins and the blood vessels of our lower rectum and anus. This pressure leads to swelling of the veins or blood vessels and forms a skin tag near the anal region that may vary in size is called external hemorrhoids or piles. Sometimes the swelling occurs inside the rectum which is called internal hemorrhoids or piles.

Temporary And Long Lasting Piles

Piles(hemorrhoid) are not always permanent, they develop and heal themselves in a few weeks with dietary changes and mild meditations. The most common situation of temporary Piles is observed in pregnant women, who develop Piles(hemorrhoid) due to excessive pressure in their abdomen or pregnancy hormones that probably leads to swelling of veins that heal themselves after delivery.

The size of the Piles determine the time to heal and they are often painful that causes discomfort. The bigger the size, the longer it takes to heal. For these long-lasting Piles(hemorrhoid), medical attention is required. Some people have multiple Piles(hemorrhoid) that are not healing on their own then they may need to undergo the surgical procedure.

Piles Won't Count Your Age

If you think that Piles(hemorrhoid) will wait for your age to cross a certain limit before catching you, then you are probably living with a myth. Piles(hemorrhoid) were used to observe among the people of age-group 45 to 65 years, but Piles(hemorrhoid) never differentiated to anyone based on age. Piles(hemorrhoid) is a lifestyle problem and it can occur at any age, even in young people or children. The reason behind catching this problem at an early age is an unhealthy lifestyle, digestive problems like constipation or diarrhea, heavy weight lifting etc. which is commonly observed in many people.

Treat Your Problem With Arsh-off Capsules

Living with piles or hemorrhoids can't be easy for any individual because its symptoms can disturb your usual routine. At VigyanVeda we understand that people aren't comfortable talking about Piles(hemorrhoid) and prefer to bear the situation silently, which is not a solution. We came up to heal your problem with an Ayurvedic solution called VigyanVeda Arsh-off Capsules which is prepared from Ayurvedic herbs Suran, Guggul, Lajjalu, and Chitrak that effectively targets the symptoms of your problem and heal it to its roots, to prevent recurrence.

VigyanVeda has also come up with a kit VigyanVeda Piles Care Kit which is effective in treating piles(hemorrhoid) as well as improving the overall digestive health for those who are facing frequent digestive problems and painful piles at the same time.

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