All you need to know about the vitamin D.

Vitamin D is known to keep your bones, teeth, and muscles healthy. The sub-vitamins of vitamin D include vitamins D1, D2, and D3. Vitamin D is not just a vitamin, it is a useful hormone that is very beneficial for the development of your bones, skin, and blood cells. It is also useful for the absorption and regulation of calcium and maintains a good immune system.

Vitamin D needs according to age.

Between the ages of 1 and 12, 10 mcg of vitamin D should be consumed daily.

  • Children between the ages of 12 and 70 should take 15 mcg of vitamin C per day for each vitamin C requirement.
  • People over the age of 70 should consume 20 mcg or more.
  • Pregnant women should consume about 15 mcg per day.

 Vitamin D deficiency in India.

According to a study released in May 2020 that involved 4,624 subjects at 229 sites across 81 cities in India, about 76 percent of Indians suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency. Adults between the ages of 18 and 30 were the most affected.

Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more common over the world, possibly as a result of a combination of food insufficiency and reduced sun exposure, which increased during the Covid-induced lockdowns.

Roles of vitamin D

Vitamin d for bone health 

Vitamin D can modulate the calcium absorption process in your body; Vitamin D deficiency in children and adults can also lead to poor bone structure. And the process of bone development in children is poor.

Immune system 

Many research suggests that vitamin D may help improve immune function more effectively and vitamin D deficiency causes autoimmune conditions and can lead to arthritis, asthma, diabetes, and many more health-related problems.

Help with weight loss

According to research, obese people who took vitamin D supplements in addition to following a weight-loss diet plan lost more weight and fat mass than those who followed the diet plan only.

Helps in depression

Several research suggests that vitamin D may help regulate mood and reduce stress hormones. Also, some anti-depressants have vitamin D in their ingredients list.

Deficiency of vitamin D

Vitamin D can be made by the body on its own. But some people's body is not able to make enough vitamins. Let's take a look at some of the common deficiencies of vitamin D.

  • Skin problems.

  • Skin pigmentation lowers the body's ability to absorb UVB radiation from the sun. For the skin to produce vitamin D, it must be exposed to sunshine.

  • Sunlight deficiency

  • People who wake up on the night shift or who are not able to absorb sunlight should take a vitamin D source from a variety of food sources. And also they should take vitamin d from the sunlight Because sunlight is the best source of vitamin D.

  •   Deficiency in in senior citizens

  • Vitamin D will decrease over time with age in the body. Because older people can spend more time indoors, they do not absorb sunlight, and this will lead to vitamin deficiencies. Older people should go out in the sun for better health.

  • Body fat.

  • A high percentage of body fat prevents the body from absorbing sunlight, leading to vitamin deficiencies with them. They should consume vitamin D from various sources of healthy foods to avoid vitamin D deficiency.

  • Other reasons.

    • If you are living in an area with high pollution.
    • Darker skin cannot absorb vitamin D from the sun.
    • If you are living in an area of ​​the city where the building blocks sunlight.
    • If you are using more sun cream then the deficiency becomes
    • Bypass surgery. Etcetera,

    Symptoms of vitamin D

    Most patients with vitamin D deficiency do not show any major signs or symptoms. But still, in most cases, the following common symptoms can occur.

  • Bone weakness, especially in seniors.
  • bone pain.
  • Tiredness.
  • Headache
  • muscle weakness
  • Hair fall
  • Joint pain.


    sources of vitamin D

    • Egg yolk
    • Fatty fish
    • Dairy products
    • Orange juice
    • Sunlight
    • Yogurt 
    • oatmeals 
    •  soy milk
    •  fish liver oils
    • Banana
    • Strawberry
    • Broccoli
    • Spinach
    • Tofu. etc

    How to reduce vitamin deficiency?

    If you have this form of shortage, you should eat foods that are high in vitamin D. You can also choose a different alternative. Vitamin A and many other vitamins can be consumed in an ayurvedic way.  VITA RICH CAPSULE may be able to help you avoid vitamin insufficiency.

    Vitarich Capsule contains the following vitamins and nutritional value from herbal ingredients. Such as.

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