Adopt A Better Routine For Better Digestion

Digestive Health Is Vital For Healthy Living

The food we eat is broken down into smaller particles and then absorbed by the body through the bloodstream before leaving the body. This provides us with the energy to carry out our routine activities and for the body to perform necessary functions like breathing, beating the heart, repairing cells, distributing nutrients and growth.

Also,70% of the immunity of our body comes from our stomach which is important to keep us healthy. If we stop eating or our digestive system stops processing the food we are eating then we will fall prey to the diseases and survival will be difficult.

Digestive Health Is Often Compromised With A Busy Lifestyle

A busy and stressful lifestyle often leads to compromised health that usually begins with digestive health. An unhealthy digestion is an alarming situation for your body to catch other health problems. The problems of gas, acidity and constipation are very common digestive issues that lead to serious problems if not treated on time.

Our life has moved to wheels and so our routine habits. We eat fast and are usually busy on our phones or watching tv while having our meals. we crave unhealthy meals and prefer beverages to water often when outside. We don’t consider exercise as an important routine of our lifestyle and often spend our spare time on activities that lead to weight gain.

This whole routine when followed for a considerable amount of time leads to gas, acidity and constipation which can lead to more health problems.

The Ideal Routine That Cares For Your Digestive Health

Increasing stress and a fast-moving lifestyle are inviting digestive health problems for many youngsters. To cure these problems effectively we usually take medicines which is not an ideal option for long term relief.

Although we have antacids to treat gas and acidity problems. Consuming some laxatives can help in constipation. But is it right to switch to these temporary reliefs, if you can eliminate your problems by their roots? Vigyanveda has introduced an ayurvedic solution to treat all your digestive problems by its roots. Vigyanveda digestive care kit can be helpful to treat your digestive problems and fits in your busy lifestyle.

Taking ayurvedic remedies alone won’t help you with your speedy recovery. You need to adopt some simple routine habits in your lifestyle to avail the complete benefit for your health.

  • Add colours to your meal- Including a variety of colourful fruits and vegetables in your meal can have a very positive impact on your health. They have high nutritional and fiber value that is good for your overall health.
  • Limit your intake of unhealthy fat- Try to include healthy fats in your meals and limit your intake of unhealthy fat to stay healthy. Fat usually takes longer to digest so it is advisable to avoid fatty food in your dinner to prevent weight gain.
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day- Drink adequate water to keep your digestive system healthy. Try to avoid drinking water 30 minutes before and after your meals as it impacts your digestive health, if required drink warm water.
  • Chew your food well- The digestion process begins as we place the food in our mouth so it is necessary to break down the food particles very finely in the mouth itself to reduce the efforts of your stomach to break it down further.
  • Go for small walks- Avoid sitting or lying down just after you had your meals, this slows down your digestive system and leads to unwanted weight gain. Go for a brisk walk for 5-10 minutes in fresh air or your premises.
  • Eat hygienically prepared food- People who eat from outside or at stalls often complain about digestive issues because it is sometimes prepared under unhygienic conditions. Try to eat home-cooked food or hygienically prepared food.
  • Start your day with water- Drinking a glass of water in the morning before going to the toilet hydrates the colon which leads to better bowel movement and provides relief in occasional constipation.
  • Prepare a timetable for your meals- Having meals on time can improve digestive health. Fix a time for your meals and try to have your meals at the same time regularly. Doing this will develop a habit for your stomach to function well.
  • Avoid ready to eat packed foods- These foods are packed with preservatives and often causes digestive problems like gas and acidity. Consumption of these foods on regular basis leads to long-lasting digestive problems.

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